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‘For Better Or Worse’ Season 3, Episode 22: ‘The Automatic Teller Machine’

'For Better Or Worse' Season 3, Episode 22: 'The Automatic Teller Machine' “For Better Or Worse” season 3, episode 22: “The Automatic Teller Machine” airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on OWN.

On this week’s episode, Richard catches Keisha kissing a stranger in an ATM vestibule. Then, the ladies reminisce about their relationships, and the guys try to convince Richard to walk away from Keisha without a fight.

The show synopsis reads:

“‘For Better Or Worse’ centers around two of Perry’s favorite characters from the big screen, Marcus and Angela. Marcus and Angela were first introduced to the world in Tyler Perry’s blockbuster hit feature films “Why Did I Get Married?” and “Why Did I Get Married Too?”.  ‘For Better Or Worse’ is a new dramedy that will follow the tumultuous relationship of the lovesick couple. Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White are back to reprise their roles in the half-hour show. Michael plays Marcus, an ex football player turned sports commentator. Tasha Smith will also resume her role as Angela, the edgy and out-spoken wife of Marcus, who is intent on giving him hell every step of the way.

The show will also follow the lives of those who Marcus and Angela call their friends. ‘For Better Or Worse’ is groundbreaking television and is the biggest TV show, movie mogul Tyler Perry has ever produced. The sets, high fashion and the strikingly good-looking cast come together to create a truly sexy and provocative half-hour of television. Viewers will experience a fresh approach to the traditional sitcom format that will provide all the elements of well-crafted storytelling and the raw intrigue of reality TV. ‘For Better Or Worse’ explores the controversial and joyous moments associated with marriage and dating in the 21st Century world. Like always, viewers will leave with life-changing messages that have become a trademark of the Perry brand of entertainment.”

Tune in for all-new episodes of  “For Better or Worse”  on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at  9 p.m. EST, 8 p.m. CST on OWN.

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