Here’s Proof Rockets’ Dwight Howard Is A Good Free Throw Shooter (Video)

Dwight Howard is known to be one of the worst free throw shooters in the NBA. He’s so bad that opponents have used the “Hack-a-Howard” tactic numerous times this season, sending him to the foul line on purpose in order to close deficits.

However, every time Howard goes to the line the commentators always speak of how great Howard’s free throw shooting is in practice, but for whatever reason it doesn’t cross over into games.

A video has surfaced online that shows Howard making free throws with considerable ease. Check out the video above of Howard making consecutive free throws before a game earlier this week.

If you don’t believe that sports are 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical, watch this video and then watch Howard in an actual NBA game. That can be done when the Rockets host the Timberwolves Saturday evening at 5 p.m.

Imagine how good Howard would be if he could actually focus and do this during games?!

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