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Danny Ainge: Rajon Rondo is Major Part of the Celtics

The Boston Herald talked to Danny Ainge on Monday and once again he was asked if the Celtics were at all interested in trading Rajon Rondo. Clearly, Ainge is getting a little annoyed by the question that has been asked repeatedly since Rondo tore his ACL.

“I haven’t talked to any teams about Rajon Rondo,” Ainge, the Celtics’ president of basketball operations, said.

He has, however, fielded a number of calls wanting to know if the rumors are true.

“It’s frustrating,” Ainge said.

He reiterated that Rondo, still rehabbing from ACL surgery, is a major part of the Celtics’ plans going forward.

Rondo has been involved in trade rumors for nearly three years now, which leads many to believe Ainge is shopping. Upon Rondo’s return, Boston will not be a better team. Rondo is perfect for trading right now. He has concerned the Celtics by being both an All-Star and a player of questionable growth for years.

He’s a phenomenal point guard who doesn’t get along well with others, clashes with his coaches, struggles shooting, and can make the most amazing plays at both ends.

If other teams are calling for Rondo, Ainge is listening. It may be he’s not being completely upfront on this one.

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