About Her Money: Solange Drops New Single “Cash In”



Solange dropped her new album Saint Heron this week, a compilation album that features Solange and her favorite artists. Earlier in the week Solange released music from Cassie and Jhené Aiko, now she’s giving fans a track of her own from the album called “Cash In.” According to vibe.com:

“While the lounge-y alt-R&B LP gives most of its attention to the independent artists Solange curated, the “Losing You” singer also has a featured track on the album, titled ‘Cash In.’

‘Cash In’ was written, arranged and co-produced by Solange along with producer Tim Anderson, formerly of Ima Robot. It’s a strung-out, mellow number carried by Solange’s falsetto and high notes to nothing more than a cowbell beat.”

Solange’s Saint Heron LP is a 12 track project that features 11 independent artists curated by Beyonce’s little sister.

Download the Saint Heron album here and check out Solange’s new single “Cash In” below.

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