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Shakedown: Jay Z Sued For ‘Run This Town’

jay-z-lawsuitJay Z’s single “Run This Town” was one of his biggest hits from the 2009 album, “The Blueprint 3.” However, Hov is now being sued by Manhattan record label TufAmerica for allegedly infringing on a copyright from its 1969 song “Hook & Sling,” which they claim was sampled on “Run This Town.” According to

“TufAmerica Inc. socked the Brooklyn rapper and his record companies with a copyright infringement lawsuit Wednesday, claiming he illegally sampled a funky late 1960s jam without permission to jazz up the hit 2009 track “Run This Town.”

“The miffed label argues Jay Z should face the music because it owns the exclusive rights to ‘Hook & Sling,’ a 1969 number by singer Eddie Bo and producer Al Scramuzza.”

TufAmerica seems to be out for Jay Z and Roc-A-Fella Records, as this is the third time this year that it has sued Jay and his record label. The last two times the parties settled the case before going to trial.

This news comes at a bad time for Jay Z, he’s already facing scrutiny from different angles, including the recent controversy with Barneys. As reported by

“Jay Z has been quite the moving target this past month. After being criticized for his collaboration with Barneys following several alleged racial profiling incidents and being investigated by the MLB for gifting Roc Nations Sports signee Robinson Cano with a pricey watch, Hov is now facing another hurdle.”

Now, Jay Z adds this lawsuit to his legal hurdles. But as he’s said before, he’s had to face assault charges and FBI investigations in the past, so this is nickels and dimes.


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