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Kanye Pleads Not Guilty in Cameraman Tussle; Focuses on $5M Wedding Plans

Kanye West pleads not guilty

Kanye West pleaded not guilty to charges of misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft auto that he faced after he got into a physical altercation with a photographer in July. Meanwhile, he doesn’t appear too worried about the legal battle as he is pushing forward with planning the perfect multimillion dollar wedding of all time.

Kanye is still insisting he is innocent in the nasty scuffle with a photographer in Los Angeles over the summer, despite photos that reveal Mr. West tossing Daniel Ramon to the ground.

Prosecutors are actually taking it easy against West, although they aren’t interested in just letting him off the hook.

Instead of filing for felony charges, they are pursuing misdemeanor charges that could still cost West $1,000 for each charge and land him behind bars for up to a year – six months per charge.

The “New Slaves” rapper is due back in court in January, but some legal experts are already predicting that Kanye will be able to walk away with little to no consequences although no one has provided any reasons to back up that claim.

Kanye isn’t paying the legal world too much attention, however, as he’s concerned with planning what he hopes will be the most extravagant wedding ceremony of all time.

Mr. West is indeed taking Kris Jenner’s advice and going out of the country for the nuptials, but that isn’t enough for Kanye.

The actual wedding ceremony will take place in Italy and last for two weeks and is on track to cost the rapper $5 million.

While many details still haven’t been sorted out, Kim’s fiance is already bragging about the ceremony.

“He’s making a public statement that his wedding tops all weddings throughout history,” a family insider told OK! Magazine.

The colors of the wedding will be black, gold and diamonds, which doesn’t come as a surprise since Kanye was never a big fan of colors – especially not in Kim’s wardrobe.

As for the food for the wedding, guests should only expect the best since Kanye is good friends with Massimo Bottura, a three-star Michelin chef.

“Sample menus have already been mocked-up for Kanye to peruse,” another inside said.

The wedding is still expected to take place in the summer and Kanye is prepared to pay for all his guests’ expenses except for airfare.

“We’ll all have grand suites and all the events are on him,” one of the wedding guests said.

While it is confirmed that Kanye will pack the two weeks full of fun and festivities, there are no details out yet on what exactly those events will be.

Either way, it looks like Kanye is well on his way to preparing the perfect wedding. He has everything from lavish meals, a classy color scheme and a dream location. Only problem now is making sure his best pals Jay Z and Beyonce will show up.

The BeyHive is furious about the idea of Beyonce attending Kim Kardashian’s wedding and they even have started a petition asking Beyonce to pass up on going to the lavish ceremony.

Not to mention that the petition came shortly after Kanye made claims that he and Kim will become a bigger sensation than Beyonce and Jay Z.

“Kanye has emphatically told Kim that he believes they’re going to be the biggest power couple on the planet,” one source told “He genuinely thinks they will be more popular than his close friends, Jay Z and Beyonce. It’s one of the reasons why Kanye told Kim to change her hair color; he thinks it elevated Kim from being just a reality star to an international superstar.”

That’s right. According to Kanye, a change of hair color was all it took to make Kim K more than just a TV personality.

Usually a relationship with one extremely controlling partner is doomer for failure, but with many sources saying Kim is happy to just trail behind in Kanye’s footsteps and abide by his rules and regulations, Kim and Kanye just might be the perfect match.

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