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Omarosa Schools Bethenny Frankel on White Privilege

omarosa bethannyOmarosa was once best known as the villain of reality television, setting the tone for future villains to come. She was later known as the fiancee of the gentle giant, actor Michael Clarke Duncan, before his untimely death last year.

Despite her many labels, Omarosa is probably best known for her sharp tongue and wit. This week, the Celebrity Apprentice alum was invited to a chat with talk show host Bethenny Frankel.

Omarosa and Frankel had some unsettled beef stemming from Frankel’s 2010 visit to The View. During her interview on The View, Frankel took offense to being compared to Omarosa, retorting that she had a real career, a brand, a show, and two New York Times best-selling books.

Omarosa quickly called Frankel to task about the comment, “I have a real career,” while on Frankel’s  show yesterday. The former New York Housewives talk show host denied the claim and went so far as to wager $10,000. Transcripts were pulled and proved Frankel to be a liar.

That set the stage for Omarosa to explain to Frankel why she’s attained the level of success that she’s enjoyed thus far.

“I’m unapologetic about being a strong, African-American woman who does not apologize. It’s different for you and I. I’m an African-American woman. You get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things. We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business.

“I think it’s important to understand that you don’t stay a decade on television, on reality TV, without being smart and creating a brand that people want to see. If the audience didn’t want to see Omarosa, they would never book me again. You booked me to be on your show today. There’s a brand there. There’s a commodity.[…]

“You’re not walking in your own truth. The moment you accept your real truth, everything is going to open up for you. Everything, your happiness, your joy, your relationships, but it cannot happen until you accept your own truth. Truth is, 10 years later I’m still here. I hope that you’re still here a year from now.”

Watch the videos below and notice whose side the audience is on. Do you agree with Omarosa?


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15 thoughts on “Omarosa Schools Bethenny Frankel on White Privilege

  1. Cherri Anne says:

    first Betheny denied what she said then when she got got, she says "I meant every word of it". Liars manage to convince themselves of their own lies.

  2. Cherri Anne says:

    people of privilege tend to be the ones who are always questioning yet no one questions them. Who has ever asked Betheny what her brand is? No one. So what the hell gives her the right to ask Omarosa what her brand is? Then she belittles Omarosa's perspective, labeling it "opinion" but offers her own perspective like it's fact. Delusions of grandeur are a trip, you can't talk to people like that. They're too busy flying in the nether regions of their imagination to have real conversations with people. Bogus. Omarosa does't owe her an explanation.

  3. Angela Gale Harewood says:

    Well defended Omarosa, happy to see Bethany Frankel priveleged face rubbed in it

  4. Bethany got SPANKED on her own show and was embarrassed. That is why she can't put it behind her and move on.

  5. Marilyn Kenoly says:

    Omarosa straight out busted Bethanny! She invited her on the show to get her ratings up because her show is in the toilet. Now, she owes her $10K #goodshowomarosa

  6. Omarosa read Bethenny & read her well. smh rotflol.

  7. Cyril Tyson says:


  8. Wow….This is like going to court again

  9. Lori Witherspoon says:

    See now…I went to Howard and I graduated from the School of Business……I've never seen Omorosa in my hallway

  10. Katrina C. Jones says:

    It was before our time I guess lol

  11. Anissa Jones says:

    bethenny got spanked

  12. Anissa Jones says:


  13. Morgan Cruise says:

    Right. But apparently she teaches there. Maybe it's an online class…

  14. Juliana Shaw says:

    I attended one of her classes and saw her in the cafe

  15. Leftfoot LNorals IV says:

    I've been working on my business for so long I'm a bit out of touch who is Bethenny Frankel to have her own talk show she must be pretty special hell queen latifah is a brand and just got her own show? I know my awesome art and commercial photography will pick up check out BluTintPhotography.

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