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10 Musicians From Around The World Who Deserve More Airplay

esperanza_spaldingWho: Esperanza Spalding

Where: United States

Most Known For: “Black Gold” and “I Can’t Help It”

Why She Should Get More Airplay: Spalding has been a breakout artist since 2011 when she was recognized with a Grammy for Best New Artist, becoming the first jazz artist to win the award. Her soulful jazz style resonates with her fans, but is sometimes underrated by mainstream radio.

I-wayneWho: I Wayne

Where: Jamaica

Most Known For: “Living In Love” and “Can’t Satisfy Her”

Why He Should Get More Airplay: I Wayne has been a major figure for years in his native Jamaica, but has yet to gain the major traction he deserves in mainstream media. He’s a bonafide reggae star who could be the next Sizzla, but I Wayne definitely gets his style from the Marleys.

What people are saying

4 thoughts on “10 Musicians From Around The World Who Deserve More Airplay

  1. Melly Mel says:

    Nice to see two Jamaicans but where are the Trinidadians?

  2. Ira Kravitz says:

    No Lalah Hathaway? Really?

  3. Monica Wisdom Tyson says:

    Funny thing is I love her live but don't love her albums. But I do love her collaborations. The album she did with Joe Sample was amazing.

  4. Africa the Motherland blessed with the sound of drums and flutes. Remember we are the sons of David unto Solomon and unto the Queen of Sheba who gave birth to Menelik the 1st unto Eperor Haile Sellasie I

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