Record Producer Slams Lauryn Hill for Mistreating Artists: ‘She’s Disrespected A lot of People’

Grammy award-winning record producer Robert Glasper recently blasted Lauryn Hill in an interview with 97.9 The Box and accused the legendary artist of having an “egotistical” personality.

Glasper stopped by the “Madd Hatta Morning Show” and was asked about difficult musicians he’d played for during career. The producer gladly agreed to name drop and said, “Lauryn Hill.”

One person blurted out, “Why you do Lauryn Hill like that?” and Glasper responded, “No. Why she do me like that?”

The pianist began spilling the tea about Ms. Hill’s behavior and accused her of stealing music for the “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” He also claimed she’s known for firing bands from left to right and doesn’t know how to tune a “guitar.”

Glasper performed at a show with Hill in 2008 and said her first mistake was trying to make him audition for her which he refused.

“I’m like, ‘No but I do have albums out. Number one Jazz albums on the charts. If you like, you can check those out. I’m not auditioning. I’m not,'” Glasper said. He added that the “Zion” singer also wanted to cut the band’s pay because she didn’t like the way they played during rehearsal.

“First of all, we weren’t getting paid that much anyway but understand she’s getting half a million dollars. So seriously? You’re going to take these five musicians and cut their pay in half,” the Jazz artist added.

Glasper also claimed that the rumors of “don’t look her in the eye and you have to call her Ms. Hill” were true.

He told the radio station host, “You can’t come into a situation especially when you’ve already stolen all of my friends’ music. Miseducation was made by great musicians and producers that I know, personally. So you got a big hand off of music that you didn’t even write.”

Glasper continued, “Lauryn Hill should be able to be cool. You haven’t done enough to be the way you are. The one thing you did that was great, you didn’t do.”

The 40-year-old said that Hill needs to take “accountability” of how shes wrongly treated and disrespected people.

“People can change. I hope she does change,” he said.

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