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Mike Tyson to Chris Brown: ‘Man, You Got to Get It Together’

mike tyson

Mike Tyson, who has experienced his fair share of out-of-the-ring bouts in his career, has some good advice for Chris Brown. Brown recently got in trouble with the law again. The R&B singer was arrested on an assault charge for allegedly punching a man who tried to take a photograph with him. Now, the former heavyweight boxing champion wants to help Brown.

The ex-boxer talked about Brown’s situation in a recent radio appearance on New York’s FM 95.5 WPLU:

“I like and admire that little guy but what he really needs to understand is eventually if you keep doing that stuff, people are turning on you, the press will make … people turn on you and make you bad … I know he might say ‘hey never me’, ’cause that’s what I said, ‘never me, I’m the greatest fighter god ever created, never me’, and they couldn’t even book anything (for me). Not because I couldn’t sell things out but just because I had that stigma …”

He also said:

“Chris should know this … if you’re not humble in this world, this world will dress humbleness upon you.”

Interview below:

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