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Mike Tyson Punches Back at USA Boxing

mike tyson

Mike Tyson has responded to a USA Boxing letter that accused him of poaching fighters and giving them “pennies on the dollar” to sign to his Iron Mike Tyson Productions. The Olympic-sanctioning organization claims that the former heavyweight champion is “undermining” the U.S. Olympic team by signing young boxers to professional contracts.

The New York Post obtained a copy of Tyson’s letter that they reported was faxed to USA Boxing President Charles Butler on Thursday.

Tyson wrote that he was “most disappointed that [Butler]  and USA Boxing could not afford me the courtesy and respect, not only as a former heavyweight champion, but a former amateur champion, to contact me first instead of taking advantage of my name and company for publicity.

“Your organization never attempted to contact me directly to discuss this matter. Had you done so, perhaps you would have a better understanding of my love for amateur boxing and my commitment to protect fighters by giving them the best possible opportunities this business can offer.”

Tyson continued in the letter:

“No one knows better than I the pitfalls of amateur and professional boxing. This is precisely why I am compelled to make Iron Mike Productions a transparent company. Our priority is the well-being of our fighters and to produce the most exciting fights we can and in the process uplift the sport of boxing.”

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