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Michael Jackson’s Doctor Conrad Murray Released from Prison

conrad murray 1Dr. Conrad Murray is a free man after serving nearly two years of his four-year sentence. Murray was convicted in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson for providing the superstar with an overdose of the powerful anesthetic, propofol, as a sleep aid.

Murray’s attorney, Valerie Wass, told reporters outside the downtown Los Angeles jail, “He was elated to be out of there.” She added that he plans to spend time with his family, girlfriend and children and to “readjust to his life outside of jail.”

Murray also has plans to clear his name and possibly write a book.

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“Wass said Murray did a lot of writing while incarcerated, but she didn’t know if he had plans for a book or any other projects that would allow him to earn a living.

“The former doctor is appealing his conviction, although an appeals court has questioned whether it needs to hear the case. His attorney has argued that the court should not dismiss the appeal because it could alter his overall sentence and reduce some of the stigma his conviction has caused.”

Murray’s release from prison prompted some reactions from the Jackson family and from the late popstar’s supporters outside the prison.

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