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Jermaine Jackson Goes On Rant About Dr. Conrad Murray’s Reduced Sentence

Jermaine Jackson angry with Dr. Murray's reduced sentenceJermaine Jackson went on quite a rant after Dr. Conrad Murray’s prison sentence was cut in half, which will make him a free man later this month.

The news comes shortly after Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, lost her case against AEG in the wrongful death trial.

While it seemed as if Katherine was trying her best to stay positive about the court’s decision, Jermaine, one of Michael’s brothers,  claims that this was the last blow the family needed.

Dr. Conrad Murray was arrested and sentenced to four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter after he provided Michael Jackson with a lethal amount of prescription drugs at the singer’s request. Despite the original sentence, Murray will be released from prison at the end of this month due to over crowding in the jail.

This means Murray’s original sentence has literally been cut in half and while some people still argue that Dr. Murray didn’t deserve to spend any time behind bars at all, Jermaine made it clear that he feels as if this is a major injustice to the Jackson family.

“It’s not about the money,” he said. “This guy is walking this month. He’s walking free this month.”

Jermaine then tried to avoid addressing rumors that Katherine Jackson was angry about him purchasing a new $160,000 Ferrari sports car when he’s behind on child support.

As the legal guardian of Michael’s children, Katherine has been concerned about financial issues and having Jermaine cash out on a new car has got to be a slap in the face.

“I can’t get a car,” he asked TMZ’s cameraman before he began stuttering and ultimately failed to complete whatever sentence he intended to say next.

He went on to say that his major concern right now is making sure the world understands how the Jackson family feels in light of these circumstances.

“So you kill Michael Jackson and you’re out in two years,” he said of  Murray. “That sucks. We hurt. We still hurt. We hurt, really. We hurt. We’re very strong people, but we’re humans.”

It’s understandable that the family is still hurting from Michael’s death, but there actually aren’t too many people who support the idea that Murray should be held fully responsible for the tragedy that robbed the world of one of the greatest music icons. In fact, there are far more critics who believe some members of the Jackson family are only concerned with monetizing their relative’s death instead of allowing M.J. to truly rest in peace.


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3 thoughts on “Jermaine Jackson Goes On Rant About Dr. Conrad Murray’s Reduced Sentence

  1. James Steward says:

    …….question!?……how many people really believe that those are MIchaels biological children!Michael was definitly the cash cow" for the family.

  2. Tiffanie Green says:

    Alejandra is crazy for going with Randy and then going out with Jermaine! They are brothers! Jermaine is just as crazy! Just makes me greatful for my family that I have"

  3. I'd love to think that Paris and Prince are biologically his. But I think he's had some problems so I guess they had different fathers. But Michael Jr looks like how Michael used to look in the early 70s, so he might be a biological kid.
    But whether the kids were biologically his or not, he loved them dearly, and by all means they are Michael Jackson's children.

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