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Diddy Talks Revolt TV; Chooses Kanye’s Side On Kimmel Beef


Diddy launched his new TV station, Revolt TV, this week and has been making his media rounds to promote the channel. Diddy spoke to TV host Jimmy Kimmel about Revolt, of course, and other potential ventures, but he also weighed in on Kimmel’s recent beef with Kanye West. As reported by

“I don’t wanna hurt your feelings but I gotta rock with the artist, I’m a musical artist. I can’t go against my family,” Diddy admitted. “I thought it was good for ratings for you so I thought you was winning on the other side.I was team Kanye. I’m sorry! I just hope you don’t make fun of me like that.”

“While there were no hard feelings, the man discussed wanting to Harlem shake up his portfolio as the first African American NFL owner, the recent launch of his music network Revolt and whether his various endeavors have made him more filthy rich than Jay Z.”

Diddy already has loads of cash, landing the top spot on this year’s Forbes ‘Cash Kings’ list that ranks hip-hop moguls for money made in the previous year. However, it is great to see Diddy continue to do his thing, and hopefully soon he will become the first hip-hop billionaire.

Check out the Diddy-Kimmel interviews below.

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