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Denzel’s Son John David Washington Lands Role In ‘Ballers’

john-daJohn David Washington To Co-Star In HBO’s ‘Ballers’, vid-washingtonDenzel Washington’s son, John David Washington, has just landed his first major acting role in HBO’s pilot, “Baller.

Deadline reported that Washington will be playing the role of Ricky, a highly competitive and highly spiritual pro athlete. Washington joins former Bruins footballer Donovan Carter, who plays Vernon, a deeply family oriented pro athlete, and Dwayne Johnson, who is leading the project.

“Ballers” is a half-hour dramedy that chronicles the lives of several Miami-based athletes.

The show is a collaborative effort by actor-producer Mark Wahlberg and “Entourage” producer Stephen Levinson.

Washington, whose only acting credit is a small part in his dad’s 1992 movie, “Malcolm X,” is mostly known for playing football with Morehouse College and also for his NFL  career with the St. Louis Rams.


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  1. Filmtress Bell says:

    I remember some years back seeing Denzel on the sidelines of watching one of his sons play in a basketball game. I had my nephew with me. He and Denzel's son was around the same age. They were about five years old then. Denzel was bald and had shot or was currently shooting "Glory". It hadn't come out yet though. My nephew will be in his late twenties. So it this is the son that was playing then, he'll be around the same age.

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