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Denzel Washington Donates $1M To Save Africa’s Children

Denzel Washington Donates $1 Million To Save Africa's Children Actor, director and producer, Denzel Washington is well known for his philanthropic work and he has only added to that notoriety by recently making a generous donation to the L.A.-based charity, Save Africa’s Children.

Washington gave $1 million to the nonprofit that helps orphans and children who are suffering from AIDS throughout Africa and the Caribbean. With Washington’s generous donation, Save Africa’s Children will be able to expand their reach and provide support to schools, day care centers and feeding programs.

According to their website, Save Africa’s Children’s official mission is to provide direct support and care for orphans and vulnerable children affected by AIDS, poverty and war throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. SAC partners with individuals, churches, grassroots organizations, government and corporate sectors endeavoring to build a dynamic, diverse movement to restore hope and a future for Africa’s children.

Washington also has his own organization, which he named after him and his wife, Pauletta Washington, called Pauletta and Denzel Washington Family Gifted Scholars Program In Neuroscience, that gives scholarships to students who pursue careers in neuroscience.





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