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Beyonce Shares Instagram Pics of Free Fall Jumps; Strips Down to Relax in New Zealand

Beyonce shares vacation photos from Mrs. Carter World Tour Beyonce has been on tour for more than six months now, and while Queen Bey may be working hard, that doesn’t mean she didn’t take some time to relax and have some fun during her exotic travels. Beyonce performed a free fall jump twice while in New Zealand and stripped down to her birthday suit to relax in a hammock.

As she mentioned during the Rock in Rio music festival, she may be on the road working but this time around her tour feels more like a vacation.

Instead of black and white pictures from her dominating the stage, Beyonce has been sharing tons of pictures of herself just having fun and enjoying what each new country has to offer.

When she went to New Zealand she couldn’t help but feed into her inner daredevil as she free fall jumped twice from over 1,000 feet in the air.

A free fall jump is similar to bungee jumping except that the participant jumps from the ledge instead of falling head first and they are secured at their waist instead of around their ankles.

Baddie Bey’s Instagram was filled with pictures from the daring stunt, including one with her instructor who was clearly excited to be working with the curvy megastar.

Of course, it was important that Beyonce’s arrival was kept as inconspicuous as possible to avoid large crowds gathering around to witness her jump.

Beyonce New Zealand photos on Instagram “She got changed into the bungee clothes out the back somewhere and was taken straight up in a service elevator,” one source told the Herald on Sunday, a New Zealand newspaper.

The source also revealed that Beyonce arrived with a lot of bodyguards around her which made it difficult to even see her.

While spectators weren’t able to see her in person, they definitely have access to Beyonce’s Instagram pics and can scroll through shots of her getting ready for the jump.

When she wasn’t busy jumping off of incredibly high platforms, Beyonce was getting in touch with nature and relaxing the best way she knew how.

Other pictures on her Instagram and Tumblr posts revealed Beyonce seemingly nude in a hammock with bright coral lipstick adding some serious pop to the scene, which is believed to have been snapped during the South American leg of her tour.

Beyonce nude hammock photo on Instagram Beyonce’s sexy hammock picture is nothing like Kim’s selfie which had her backside spilling out of a one piece, or like Nicki Minaj who slapped star shaped pasties on her nipples before taking a raunchy selfie. You can’t actually see Queen Bey’s goodies and that’s exactly one of the many, many things that has her in a completely separate category than her competition.

Anyway, her social media posts have also inspired many of her fans who commented on the photos revealing that they want to work hard so they can enjoy their family the way Beyonce can.

“#InstaInspiration! Gotta work hard so u can soak up paradise! QueenBey is so inspiring,” one fan commented on her Instagram.

Beyonce has always been open about how hard she has worked to achieve her success and the title of the Queen of R&B at only 32 years old.

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