Michael Vick Needs Another Week of Rehab



Eagles quarterback Michael Vick downgraded the status of his hamstring injury to a “bad pull” Tuesday but said he can’t play Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

“I feel it getting better,” Vick said. “It’s just when I try to burst, that knot is still there. I think another week of rehab can put me in position where I can start gaining some confidence in it and doing things I normally do. … It can be re-aggravated quickly. Because mine is up so high, and the way I run, I’ve got to take precautions. I can’t overdo it. If I do, it can be another two to three weeks.”

QB Nick Foles started in Vick’s spot Sunday in Tampa and came away with a 31-20 victory. Last week, Vick took some reps in practice and was active for the game, but didn’t play. However, Vick said he would enter the game if the team is in a desperate situation.

“If I had to go in a game, I could sit in the pocket and throw the football,” Vick said. “That’s like playing seven-on-seven. But seven-on-seven is kind of unrealistic on Sundays. You’ve got people coming at you. So being an emergency guy, that’s just what I’m going to be, if that’s the case.”

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