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Michael Vick: Andy Reid is a ‘Great Man’

Michael Vick said it will be tough to see his former coach Andy Reid on the opposite side of the field when the Philadelphia Eagles host Kansas City Chiefs this week.

“Like I’ve been telling everybody, it’s just tough seeing him in red,”  Vick said Tuesday. “I’ve been with coach for the last four years, but it seems like 14 years. That’s a credit to our friendship that we’ve been able to develop. What a great man, what a great man.”

Reid, who could possibly be responsible for resurrecting Vick’s career after his prison stint, signed the quarterback in August 2009.

When asked where would he be if it weren’t for Reid, Vick said:

“Who knows . . . and I say that as a person, as a human being, as a player. Coach was able to change the way I thought about a lot of things, the way I looked at life. . . . Even when I still made irrational decisions when I was playing there at a high level for him, he still was able to pull me back to say, ‘Listen, you’re doing wrong, you’re not doing this right.’

“So many times I walked out of his office upset, but you’re learning valuable lessons, and those are things every man doesn’t get in his life sometimes. I’m just thankful God put him in my life for the period of time we had to spend together.”

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