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From Hannah to French Montana: Miley Cyrus Raps on ‘Ain’t Worried About Nothin’ Remix



French Montana released a remix for his hit single Ain’t Worried About Nothin’ featuring Diddy, Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t what people were expecting. Back in August, Montana posted an Instagram video of himself and Miley Cyrus in the studio working on what appeared to be a different version of the song. Now Cyrus and Montana have released the new Ain’t Worried About Nothin’ remix which features Miley ‘rap-singing.’ According to

“Miley Cyrus hopped on the remix to her good friend French Montana’s song this week. Called “Ain’t Worried About Nothin,'” the original track was featured on French’s sophomore studio album, “Excuse My French.” Cyrus raps on the remix, spitting lines about the ‘three thick girls’ in her video and a time when she ‘popped a molly,’ the colloquial term for MDMA.”

Considering that she’s a pop singer and not a rapper, Cyrus’ verse is somewhat impressive. Her take on Ain’t Worried About Nothin’ may become the popular version of the song, which is great news for French Montana as he will gain exposure to a larger audience.

Check out the Miley Cyrus and French Montana Ain’t Worried About Nothin’ remix below.



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