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8 Contemporary Black Thought Leaders Still Debunking Eurocentric Ideology


Minister Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan is the current leader of the Nation of Islam. One of his greatest achievements was the organization of the Million Man March, also known as the Day of Atonement, on the Mall in Washington, D.C. in 1995. Between one and two million men gathered to hear 12 hours of speeches about the commitment of black men to take responsibility for improving themselves, their families and communities.

During a recent tour of the Caribbean, Farrakhan has called for the unification of Caribbean countries to form an economic and political power in the Western Hemisphere, which he says was inspired by Elijah Muhammad’s teachings.



Claud Anderson, Ed.D.

Claud Anderson, Ed.D. is president of PowerNomics Corporation of America, Inc., and The Harvest Institute and WaterLand Fisheries, Inc. PowerNomics is the package of principles and strategies he developed to explain the concept of race and to offer black America a guide to become a more economically and politically competitive group in America.

As an example of PowerNomics’ principles, Anderson built WaterLand Fisheries, Inc. (WFI), a seafood factory he operates on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. WFI has the capacity to produce a million pounds of live high quality fish annually in a controlled indoor environment. It is the largest aquaculture facility in Maryland and one of the largest in the nation, according to Anderson had ownership in radio stations, including the one he built and operated in Tallahassee, Fla., as well as interests in retail food outlets and residential construction.

Anderson is also president of The Harvest Institute, a nationally recognized think tank that performs research for policy development, education and advocacy to increase the competitiveness of black America.

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20 thoughts on “8 Contemporary Black Thought Leaders Still Debunking Eurocentric Ideology

  1. Spencer Tyrus says:

    With all due respect, Minister Louis Farrakhan has challenged Eurocentric ideology but no debunking can occur with an Islamic centered teaching. We can't deal with any theology/mythology as fact, they are good for metaphors and some wisdom. We are African people, our view needs to be from that paradigm; not Mecca, Jerusalem, or any place in Africa that foreigners brought their religion. Dr. Clarke said that religion is the deification of a culture; so lets celebrate our heroes. We can make Malcolm, a prophet and Harriet a prophet since we know that both of them were real people African descent that walk the earth. Nonetheless, Dr. Anthony T. Browder, Dr. Maulana Karenga, Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Dr. Theophile Obenga all are African-centered and are best equipped to debunking Eurocentric ideology. Gates…LMAO! He perpetuates Eurocentric ideology; who thought to put him on this list?

  2. White supremacy aka Eurocentric ideology is more prevalent today than ever, especially since Black folks have been lulled asleep under the Obama Presidency. We need to support Min. Farrakhan who has always addressed the root of this issue and other pro-Black voices, but how the hell did Henry Louis Gates get on this list?!

  3. Abdur Rahman says:

    Bro, I am trying to address your main point calmly. I think just maybe
    Brother Malcolm was a little more black conscious than you. He taught us to become authentic Muslims. We came to America as slaves. Before we were make negroes, we were free africans. Our elites "Kings and Queens" where literate people who knew how to read and write. They were NOT Christian. We now are beginning to gather data about those Africans. Do you think that before they were put on the slave boat, they jumped up and down singing to Jesus? We most certainly did not. What most black people do today that they call worship is really clinging onto what was programmed into our ancestors the slave quarters. Master made us Christian. Now the question is: how does Islam fit in with black people? Our ancestors FREELY CHOSE ISLAM prior to being shipped to America and Islam is our lost history. There are many books on this topic. The Africans brought here were either traditionalists (animist and pagans) or they were Muslim. You need to pry your head out of nonsense and look to your history. Any religion is not a religion in a vacuum, especially when it is a major world religion as Islam is. Africa is 50% Muslim. There is a unique expression of Islam belonging to Africans. More important, there is a uniquie expression of Islam belonging to black Americans. You claim to be a teacher, but you don't seem to know much. First research the man WARITH DEEN MUHAMMAD. Then find one of his masjids. This man was so humble and yet really smart and we loved him deeply. I get tired of the white solution (aka Minister Negro Hitler) while we hate books and never learn the truth of what we were and what works for us. I know guys with 20 kids by 20 baby mamas who go around talking about how saved they are. You need to quit. You are so stuck on race precisely because you don't have an spirtual system that elevates your soul above your color. Realize that and quit trying to please whites by letting them tell you what to pray to. Mental Bars: the First Amendment does not apply to blacks, so you can't freely go out and find a real spirituality because all you know is that your prayers are supposed to please master.

  4. Harron Karim says:

    FarraCon is exactly that A CON JOB. HE MARRIED HIS GROUP WITH THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY!!!! IT DON'T GET MORE EUROCENTRIC AND EVIL THAN THAT!!!! RESEARCH L RON HUBBARD, HE WORSHIPPED ALEXISTER CROWLEY!!!! Further what has he done other than just RUN his mouth!!! When The Honorable Elijah Muhammad died he left an $100 million dollar empire!!! Farrakhan's nation is in shambles, only about 1,000 core believers. Con JOB!!

  5. Azeem Hafeez says:

    EXCELLENT POST!!!!!!! Harron Karim!!! Praise be to Allah!

  6. As Salaam Alaikum. Brother you need to find something better to do with yourself that to spend any of your time hating on and encouraging other people to hate on Brothers that you don't agree with. I can see where that would be appropriate when you speak about Negros like Justice Clarence Thomas. The man is openly oppose to any thing that would help black people out. Regardless of what you may think of him Minister Farrakhan has had a positive influence on millions of brothers and sisters through out the years. What have you done other result to petty name calling on someone who is trying to do something. If your ideas are so great then you should have a more positive influence on black people than he does. Instead you spent precious space on this page denigrating a brother that a great amount of brothers and sisters love with nothing positive or progressive to add. And the last time I checked in my Quran, Allah is the one who determines who is Muslim and who's not. Me personally I love all of the Brothers and sisters that have a positive affect on our people particularly the ones that focus on our independence and stopping the self genocidal practices of our people, and most importantly our you black men. I haven't seen anyone that has more influence in these areas than Minister Farrakhan. Not saying that he is the only one but he is the most visible and the most outspoken. Other than your negative tirade on Brother Farrakhan what influences of any significance have you had on our people. PEACE BRO.!!!

  7. Abdur Rahman says:

    Lacoure Winters wa alaikum. This is the best thing I can do with my time. When we treat Minister Negro Hitler like the white man treats white Hitler, my job will be done. Minister Negro Hitler is worse than Thomas. Thomas is cashing in on white ignorance. Minister Negro Hitler cashes in on black ignorance. His "positive influence is to play on the hate of ignorant people. It is not petty. You say a black Nazi is okay because he's black. That is stupid backwards racism that keeps blacks as lesser to whites. "The last time you checked your Quran"??? You are a Muslim? Not if you defend Farrakhan. Unlike black, there is a definite and real definition of Muslim and Farrakhan ain't it.

  8. Spencer Tyrus says:

    Abdur Rahman Just seeing this… Malcolm was more conscious and clairvoyant than most of us. Nonetheless, you are not gonna agree because you are muslim and think you are on the right path. Both Christianity and Islam were forced on African people. It does not matter whether it occurred here or the continent. I don't believe you are familiar with the scholars I mentioned above because if you were, you would be calm and accept our history. But you can choose to make your point calmly or respond in all capital letters, it won't change history.

  9. Abdur Rahman says:

    Spencer Tyrus sir I just told you and it is historical fact: SUB SAHARANS FREELY CHOSE ISLAM. Africans today are leaving traditionalist religions for Christianity and Islam. I don't want to call your ideas silly, but basically your approach is Kwanza. Do you realize how many people black and white laugh at made-up Negro holidays? Now your solution is we should make up prophets? I know about Clarke, he was a sellout old black man from the 50s. Did he tell you that the white man beat jesus into our ancestors? You think he didn't know? But he spoke against the religion we had when we came to America. Those are facts. I ask you to see religion on two levels. One is 1) what did our ancestor believe? What are the religions of Africa? Now in that context, there is Christianity and Islam in Africa…as practiced by Africans and not the white or Arab versions practice in the West and In Saudi Arabia, just like there is the black American church, there is African American Islam. Then more importantly, 2) you must see all the beliefs in the world as a choice and you must see yourself as a free individual, not bound to chose any religion because blacks do it or whites do it. I simply ask you to see and discuss religion first as a free person and secondly to look at your ancestors as you look at religion. The black American who does this will never be a Christian because Christianity was given to us in the slave quarters. Islam was chosen by our ancestors prior to slavery. It is our lost/stolen heritage. But our ancestors might have made a bad choice, but that they made that choice means you should investigate it objectively and not look at it like the white man orders you to look at it. History is our ancestors were Muslim. Do you think you can change history?

  10. Abdur Rahman John Henrik Clarke was extremely critical of christianity and the practice of it by Blacks. Both Islam and christianity are religions that were imposed on our people by enslavers and invaders. The Arab muslims simply preceded the European christians by about 800 years in Africa. As for holidays, ALL holidays are made up, as are all religions. Islam was "made up" by the Prophet Mohammed. We have as much right today as any other people at any other time to author new traditions and tailor our culture to suit our purpose.

  11. Abdur Rahman Hitler killed millions of people, whereas Minister Farrakhan has to our knowledge never harmed A SINGLE WHITE PERSON physically – to compare the two is absurd. Clarence Thomas has a direct negative impact on Black people by voting against the interests of Blacks as a member of the highest court in the land.

  12. Abdur Rahman says:

    Brian Stanley Ma'am we are not going to have a long debate here. I already addressed this above. There was no Arab invasion of West Africa. Most the the world's Muslims are Muslims by choice and Islam was introduced into most the world by association and Islam has not spread all over the world the way master says, (Islam spread by the sword is for the most part a lie). We choose Islam. Africans today choose Islam. Our ancestors on the slave boats were Muslims by choice who had their religion taken from them by force by white Christians. Kunta Knite was a Muslim. If you can specifically show me a citation where Arabs invaded West Africa, then you have a point. If you can't, then you are here pushing a white lie master programmed into blacks so they would keep practicing slave religion…I await your citations.

  13. Abdur Rahman says:

    Brian Stanley Ma'am we are not going to have a long debate here. I already addressed this above. There was no Arab invasion of West Africa. Most the the world's Muslims are Muslims by choice and Islam was introduced into most the world by association and Islam has not spread all over the world the way master says, (Islam spread by the sword is for the most part a lie). We choose Islam. Africans today choose Islam. Our ancestors on the slave boats were Muslims by choice who had their religion taken from them by force by white Christians. Kunta Knite was a Muslim. If you can specifically show me a citation where Arabs invaded West Africa, then you have a point. If you can't, then you are here pushing a white lie master programmed into blacks so they would keep practicing slave religion…I await your citations.

  14. Abdur Rahman says:

    Brian Stanley sir you are engaged in cliche, and thus my answer is cliche: are you a black nazi or a black hypocrite? If Minister Negro Hitler is right and you are not a Negro Nazi, doesn't that make you a weak hypocrite? If he is wrong and that is why you are not a Negro Nazi, then why are you here pumping up bad and wrong for the whole world to see?

  15. Abdur Rahman says:

    Brian Stanley I skimmed it. It is you who is not in the mood to learn. Arabs mixed with Africans on the EAST coast. The article, if you sort through all the Arab bashing says that "In the late 18th century CE, with most of the slave trade along the West African coast dominated by Christians…" We were brought to America by Christians…who did not believe their religion allowed them to enslave their fellow Christians. EVERYONE took slaves as we look back at history, so to say "Oh! Arabs had slaves!"…that is Negro nonsense. Africans had slaves. I asked you to show me a link that gives evidence of an Arab invasion of West Africa. That is not what your link does. Please see that link is white nonsense. It's the white man's hand up your back and your lips are going "Arabs had slaves!" Again: EVERY GROUP HAD Slaves. But whites put us in chains and forced us out of Islam when they brought us here. it's simple fact that I can show you in several books. Funny you never see clarke actually telling this simple truth…but you see him pumping up Negro Nazis. Everyone had slaves. We are from the West and Arabs did not control the West nor take slaves from Western Africa. You do know East from West don't you? I asked you for evidence from the West. I know there is none. It even says in your link, that was the whtie man's turf…and you are here defending master..with half truths that are not accurate. WE CAME HERE AS MUSLIMS AND THE WHITE MAN BEAT JESUS INTO OUR ANCESTORS. Please bro, don't hold onto fantasy. Our stolen identity is Islam. It's the white man when you weakly go on and on about Arabs. Only 19% of the world's Muslims are Arabs and 50% of Africa is Muslim.

  16. Abdur Rahman says:

    Brian Stanley almost two billion of us follow the Prophet Muhammad. How many people are following you and your made up holiday?

  17. The reality, The System is trumped up against Us as a People, this is not an excuse, especially If you consider how the Black race is portrayed in corporate media around the World, it is no wonder why we as a people, especially those of us speaking different languages, do not identify with each other, The Curse of Babel.

    We African / Americans are a family and it is time that we begin working toward our own family's interests. The idea that, "Charity begins at home" is not separatism nor selfishness. The neglecting of ourselves and relying on others to provide for us nurtures that negative perception other families have of our community.

    Before Affirmative Action.

  18. Nosa Idehen says:

    Abdur Rahman Usman dan Fodio a Muslim forced Islam on West Africans,kindly re-visit that part in History.

  19. James Harper says:

    I have nothing, but the utmost respect for Dr. Andeson. He is doing what none of our leaders could not do, they are wasting our time and steering up in circles. Dr. Anderson presents the hidden truths about the past, present and futures od our people. We as black people just need to follow his lead and everything will fall into place.

  20. Brian Stanley and Bro. Lacoure:

    I believe that YOU STRONG BROTHERS are wasting your time debating this COON TRAINER, who can't wait for MASSA to rub his head.

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