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Katherine Jackson Remains Optimistic After AEG Victory in Wrongful Death Suit

Jackson family needed money from wrongful death lawsuit Katherine Jackson may not have won the legal battle against AEG Live regarding the wrongful death of her son and the late pop star Michael Jackson, but she remains positive, acknowledging that this was a quest for truth all along.

It has been five months of tearful testimonies but at the end of it all the jury found that AEG was not responsible for the King of Pop’s death because Dr. Conrad Murray was not an incompetent doctor.

While he caved in to pressure to make his celebrity client happy, AEG can’t be held responsible for Dr. Murray’s bad decision, the jury found.

“He wasn’t unfit, the jury said, or incompetent,” one insider told Fox. “He simply caved to his famous patient’s demands.”

The Jackson family’s legal loss means they won’t be receiving a single dime from AEG Live, although they were initially asking for billions from the concert promoter.

“They were counting on at least $2 billion, so there’s no question that those who wanted this suit are devastated,” another source from Fox added.

Despite the monetary loss, Katherine Jackson kept her head up after the verdict as best as she could.

The legal guardian of Michael’s children said that she is content that the truth has finally been revealed.

While AEG denied they even hired Murray, the jury found that the company did indeed hire the doctor for Michael.

“We have said from the beginning that this case was a search for the truth,” Katherine said. “We found the truth. AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray, the man who is in jail for killing Michael Jackson.”

Katherine Jackson loses wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live That doesn’t mean much for AEG because it will still not be held responsible for Jackson’s death.

“The jury’s decision completely vindicates AEG Live, confirming what we have known from the start – that although Michael Jackson’s death was a terrible tragedy, it was not a tragedy of AEG Live’s making,” said Marvin Putnam, a member of AEG Live’s legal team.

Another member of the legal team, Gregg Barden, said he doesn’t necessarily feel victorious in a case as tragic as this.

“We don’t walk away thinking it was a victory on one side or the other,” Barden said. “It was a tragic situation.”

AEG Live might not feel like they walked away with anything, but the Jackson family is walking away with nothing and that has turned into a major concern for the family.

Sources claimed that Michael’s family needed that money and that the public has no idea what their financial situation will really be like after Katherine passes away.

“Katherine wanted the money because the Jacksons don’t have what people think they do,” the source said. “She gets money from the estate as does Prince, Paris, and Blanket. But once Katherine dies, she has nothing to leave her children, Jermaine, Jackie… There is now going to be a lot of in-house fighting.”

Of course, it shouldn’t be up to Katherine to leave behind enough money for the Jackson family to continue living a lavish lifestyle for the rest of their lives. If money is an issue, then the famous family needs to look for their own business ventures that don’t involve capitalizing on their famous brother or his tragic death.

Besides, not all the Jackson family members are pressed for cash. Janet Jackson is married to 37-year-old billionaire Wissam Al Mana and the couple are rumored to be making plans to adopt children soon.

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2 thoughts on “Katherine Jackson Remains Optimistic After AEG Victory in Wrongful Death Suit

  1. Finally, this waste of taxpayer's $ has ended. What a waste of time and effort to show the world what we already knew; Michael was a talented artist with a drug addiction. Katherine was hoping against hope to make money with this. Another shameful attempt on cashing in on MJ's death, kinda like the illegal Jackson Tribute Fragrances by Joe Jackson and French crook Julian Rouas.

  2. Helen Hafen says:

    The truth of the wrongful death trial for Michael Jackson- AEG live is still liable for negligence.

    The claim filed by Brian Panish against AEG live is for the wrongful death of Michael Jackson and the negligence in the hiring of Conrad Murray.

    The Jury made two decisions of the case. The first one that AEG live hired Conrad Murray, and the second one that AEG live was not negligent in the hiring of Conrad Murray because the jury felt Conrad Murray was competant and fit as Michael Jackson's treating physician.

    The jury did not make a decision on AEG live's liability for their employee Conrad Murray's negligence and malpractice while treating Michael Jackson with a prolonged use and overdose of Propofol that caused Michael Jackson's death. There is res judicata in this liability because of the criminal charges brought against Conrad Murray.

    An appeal can be made stating that the claim for wrongful death was not satisfied by the jury. Brian Panish can also request judicial review as to why that claim was not presented to the jury to decide upon.

    In addition Brian Panish can request a re-opening of the lawsuit and make an amendment to the complaint adding AEG live's liability for Conrad Murray's actions while employed by them.

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