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Black Love: 10 Rappers Who Defied the Stereotype


Kendrick Lamar

Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar purposely challenged the current hip-hop trend by rejecting a female lead with lighter skin for his video in favor of darker-skinned model Brittany Sky, reports Black Enterprise.

“We had another girl for the lead, but I had an idea where I just wanted a little bit of a darker tone [girl] in the video,“ Kendrick told missInfo. “It’s almost like a color-blind industry where there’s only one type of appeal to the camera.“

“I give [Brittany] the credit, too, for just being there, and being a natural, genuine young lady. She wasn’t all in the open, trying to jump in [front] of the camera. She was cool, just chilling. I always kept in the back of my mind, like, ‘you don’t ever see this tone of a woman in videos, ‘” he said. “No disrespect, I love all women, period. But at the same time, I still feel like it needs that balance.”


2 Chainz

2 Chainz wanted to do something different for his video “Feds Watching.” As the father of brown-skinned daughters, 2 Chainz explained why he made the decision to feature several dark-skinned women in the video.

“So, for the video I did try to go get the more darker skin and highlight them. My mom is a beautiful, dark-skin lady. I’m dark skin. So it was just about trying to highlight, giving people that chance, that opportunity,” he said.

2 Chainz also spoke about rappers being brainwashed: “We always get battered, us rappers, because we always talk about red girls, light-skinned girls. We’ve been brainwashed, like little girls with baby dolls. I had to tell my little girl the other day, ‘So, I ain’t white?’ And I’m like, ‘girl, sit down.’ But she has all of these dolls and stuff like that, so it’s a part of the brainwashing.”


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17 thoughts on “Black Love: 10 Rappers Who Defied the Stereotype

  1. Shauna Shouse says:

    I think black is beautiful and I do think that darker skin sisters do get a raw deal in the whats beautiful department alot. But what bothers me as a light skin black woman is its as if we aren't black. You only uplift black culture if you are darker complexion. Dont do what you say has been done to darker skin women to light skin ones. Because 9x out of 10 it was men, who preferred us. I got 2 chocolate skin sisters and I am caramel and we are all 3 beautiful. Come on people, what makes black beautiful is the diversity of colors and shades that make up our people.

  2. Kíng Miles says:

    Black is beautiful…

  3. No, there is no disrespect to lighter skinned black women. The problem comes when they are always picked for leads in videos, TV or movies. That's why people are complaining. We live in a society that is culturally conditioned to believe that lighter is better and this is believed by both blacks and whites.

  4. Sad this is still an issue for our race…there are so many real issues we could be working on.

  5. Janaína Machado says:


  6. Black and proud till death….Viva Mama Africa, the first and only….


  8. Sheena Sweetstuff Ford says:

    All women are beautiful despite their skin tones, but it goes back to the good ole days when the lighter you were the easier it was for you… Just because you are lighter at one point that made you beautiful. I think its stupid, I feel dark skin is the true essence of being black. I embrace all beauty but these men need to stop brainwashing these women into thinking their skin tone automatically make them beautiful or " bad" as they call it in the street. Just another perfect example of mental slavery.

  9. Blue Moon says:

    Yes Shauna Shouse you are right,black is beautiful,i wish i was black!!!

  10. Ronessia Bey says:

    Sigh..massa must be so proud of his work…btw most of these ppl mentioned are full of it.

  11. This shit is so stupid. Black women are the most racist of them all. You see a black man with a white girl and the FIRST thing that comes out of there mouth is "ohhhh you couldn't find a pretty dark skinned girl" like it doesn't matter. White women have extremely low self esteem issues as well, actually I'm pretty sure that's ALL women. The point of this article was?? To say that some rappers don't like lighter skin tones? How would the dark skinned women like it if white girls purposely did an article about how artists don't like dark skin tones? It's so funny bc black people can have BET and all these "black only" shows and shit. It's almost 2015, if white people had a white tv channel or white people websites, black people would go crazy. The hypocrisy is insane, and it's 2015 shut the fuck up about race!! Let's all unite as WOMEN not fucking SKIN TONE CATEGORY!!!

  12. They forgot david banner

  13. They forgot david banner

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