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Redemption Song? Lil Wayne’s ‘Original Silence’ feat. Mack Maine

Lil_Wayne-original-silenceLil Wayne is no doubt one of the biggest names in hip-hop and is responsible for the collective that brought us Nicki Minaj and Drake. However, this past year Wayne hasn’t been at the top of his game, often skateboarding more than rapping. Now the New Orleans MC is trying to get back on track with the new release, “Original Silence,” featuring Mack Maine. A reported by

“Weezy’s back after the disappointing Dedication 5 mixtape with a new track featuring Cash Money’s president, Mack Maine (been a while since we heard him rap). After apologizing for his recent underwhelming music, Wayne is looking to redeem himself with this one.”

“Original Silence” is a classic Lil Wayne track, with heavy 808 drums peppered with witty lines. But this seems more like a warmup from Weezy rather than an actual comeback record. We sure hope Weezy has something more up his sleeves, especially since referring to himself as the “best rapper alive.”

Check out Lil Wayne’s “Original Silence” below and let us know what you think.

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