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MMA Fighter Claudinei Angelo Gives Up, Flees Match

A Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter ended his cage battle abruptly by jumping out of the ring and going home.

According to, Claudinei Angelo was controlling the fight on Saturday against Evilasio Silva, but his mouthguard repeatedly fell out during the fight, which took place in an arena in Juiz de Fora, Brazil.

Referee Flavio Almendra used his discretion by stopping the fight twice to allow featherweight Angelo to replace the guard.

However, after taking a couple of punches from Silva, he lost his mouthpiece again. In an attempt to regain his mouthguard and his composure, a  furious Angelo called for a time out. When  this was refused by the ref, he began pacing the ring.

The fighter then tried to leave through the door of the cage, but when he found that was locked, he climbed out of the cage, dropped to the ground, and walked away to the jeers and boos of the crowd.

Angelo’s bizarre departure shocked both the commentators and audience members.

The rules state a referee does not have to stop a fight if a mouthguard falls out, and can instead wait for the first opportunity for the fighter to replace it.

Check out the strange event in the video above.


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