Peyton Manning Undefeated as Record-Breaking Season Continues

Denver Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning continued his record-breaking 2013 season with a high-scoring 51-48 victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Manning was so in the groove he did something he hasn’t done since October 2008–he ran for a touchdown, which can be seen in the GIF below.

Peyton Manning

The 37-year-old veteran executed a naked bootleg on a 3rd-and-goal play in the second quarter so flawlessly that it fooled both the Cowboys defense and the CBS camera crew. Manning practically walked into the endzone with not even one Cowboy defenders’ eye on him.

When it was all over, Manning had five touchdown passes and 414 passing yards, breaking Daunte Culpepper’s 1998 record for most touchdown passes thrown in the first five games of a season and taking his team to a 5-0 start for the year.






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