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10 Things Black Celebs Are Doing to Uplift Our Community


LeBron James

Miami Heat basketball star LeBron James works diligently to uplift the black community. His charity, The LeBron James Family Foundation, has a mission to “positively affect the lives of children and young adults through education and co-curricular educational initiatives.”

One of several examples of how James is helping the community is his “I Promise” program, which urges kids to make good on their goals in life.  At the 2013 I Promise Family Reunion event in Akron, Ohio, James delivered hundreds of bikes, e-books from Sebco Books, and Samsung tablets to 700 kids in the program.

“All kids have dreams,” James said of his foundation’s goals. “Their dreams can be shut down by the environment or someone they’re around. For us as a foundation and me as a role model, I try to let them know that their dreams can become reality.”




The Williams Sisters

Venus and Serena Williams, the world champion professional tennis players, said they want to ensure maximum impact is made through their philanthropic efforts.

During a charity trip to Nigeria and South Africa, the sisters raised $160,000 for their charities in these countries. While in South Africa, they were honored as women who broke the glass ceiling for Breaking the Mould, a new campaign to acknowledge and reward South African and international women who have risen above challenges and adversities.



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