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Paula Patton Dishes on Finding Mr. Right

paula patton 1Actress Paula Patton is covering the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine where she offers marriage advice and finding Mr. Right.

Patton plays the lead role in this weekend’s release of “Baggage Claim, as a young woman who is on a 30-day quest to find Mr. Right.

Check out excerpts from her interview below:

Is it better for a woman to wait for Mr. Right?

That’s where we need to go as women is to find some comfort in that. The moment we stop looking and caring, they all come flocking when you’re not looking.

Why is it important to be open and prepared to receive Mr. Right?
I am so glad that I am in a relationship or I would be messed up. Only people who love you can tell you “you know it’s annoying when you do this” and “you need to stop saying this when you are out in public.” It helps you grow as a human being. Hopefully, you enter the relationship open and ready to learn and this person who tells you there are some flaws you need to work on, you should listen. That’s what I love about my relationship and it has made be a better human being.

Does love complete a person?
People think finding love is going to complete them. It’s much more important that you are already complete when you enter that bond. That can make the search for love so hard when you’re thinking that’s the thing that will make me important or special.
You have to be a full human, love yourself and the partner is there to be the dessert. You have to be the meal.

What’s the best marriage advice you can offer?
It’s a marathon; it’s not a sprint. As women, we get caught up in that day when you get to be a princess. When that day is over, you’re like, wait, hold on a second! What just happened? Do I even want to sleep with this person? That’s why marriage is beautiful. The longer it [lasts], that’s someone who loves you inside and out, loves you for all your flaws.

What’s the secret to making it last?
It’s about being yourself, loving yourself and finding that person who loves you just the way you are. Who doesn’t like to see people go on a journey, travel everywhere?

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