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Marvin Gaye III Prepares For ‘Blurred Lines’ Legal Battle While Waiting For Kidney Donor

Robin Thicke sues Gaye estate over Blurred Lines Marvin Gaye III, the son of world renowned and critically acclaimed singer Marvin Gaye, revealed that in the midst of searching for the right kidney donor he is also gearing up to take singer Robin Thicke to court over some of his recent hits that the Gaye family believes were ripped off from the late singer.

Marvin Gaye III has been facing serious medical challenges after he experienced renal failure three years ago.

The soulful crooner has been receiving dialysis for all three of those years, but is awaiting the right organ donor for a kidney transplant.

According to Gaye III, this is the type of problem that many blacks and Hispanics face and he wants to donate some proceeds from his upcoming album to a kidney research organization.

There is no telling what the consequences will be if Gaye III isn’t able to find a healthy donor soon, but his medical struggles aren’t enough to distract him from the legal battle that is quickly ensuing.

Marvin Gaye’s son is ready to battle it out with Robin Thicke in the courtroom over whether or not several of Thicke’s latest tunes violated his father’s copyright.

The Gaye estate claims that Thicke has ripped his songs from Gaye and even sampled tracks without their permission.

The estate is up in arms over several of Thicke’s songs, from his latest summer jam “Blurred Lines” to other tracks from the past like “Love After War.”

What is so offensive to the Gaye estate is that Thicke  initiated the lawsuit, which suggests he is aware of how close his music has been getting to the great Marvin Gaye’s work.

Robin Thicke Marvin Gaye lawsuit 2013 While the instrumentals are similar at best and the lyrics don’t mirror each other, the “Blurred Lines” singer may have actually been able to fly under the radar had he not initiated the lawsuit in the first place.

Thicke filed the lawsuit against the Gaye estate requesting that a judge prevent the Gayes from taking any legal action against “Blurred Lines” because he believes it does not violate any of Marvin Gaye’s copyrights.

Of course, the lawsuit itself suggests that Thicke was feeling a little guilty about the popular track and felt the need to cover his bases.

Marvin Gaye III sat down with “TMZ Live” and described the lawsuit as a slap in the face and he made it clear that they will be coming after Thicke in court.

The lawsuit has left many of Thicke’s fans disappointed – as if they weren’t disappointed enough after he got some twerk from a 20-year-old in a nude-colored bikini with his wife in the audience at the 2013 Video Music Awards – and they’re starting to question his originality and talent as a singer.

While the legal spat may do some damage on Thicke’s end, it may be just enough to give Gaye III an extra boost for his new upcoming album.

Gaye III has a lot of pressure on him when it comes to his music, as people are expecting him to be able to keep his father’s Motown legend alive.

Earlier in his career Gaye III had teamed up with Lou Rawls Jr., but now he’s stepping out on his own.

His first new single, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” features D’Extra Wiley and has a fun upbeat vibe that may help him bridge that pesky generational gap, but only time will tell for sure.

Meanwhile, fingers crossed that the perfect donor shows up and Gaye III is able to get the kidney transplant he so desperately needs.

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