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Drake Talks ‘Nothing Was The Same’ and ‘Anchor Man’


The wait is finally over for one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Drake’s new album “Nothing Was The Samewas officially released today, even though it was leaked on the Internet last week. Drake has been making his media rounds to promote the new album, which he hopes will debut at No. 1. He sat down with to talk about NWTS, and he addresses his place in the game and his Jay Z collaboration:

“Drake admits that Jay Z took an immediate opportunity to stunt on him during the opening lines of his ‘Pound Cake’ feature on Nothing Was the Same— “I had Benzes before you had braces,” Jay spits — but just a couple of verses later, on “Paris Morton Music 2,” the Toronto rapper makes it clear that he’s expecting mutual respect after putting up consistent wins over the last four years.

“The way I came into the game was under somebody’s wing and when people look at me they still see this kid who’s searching for his place, or searching for acceptance, even though that’s not the case,” Drake told MTV News at a FIFA 14 launch party in New York City, referencing earlier days with his mentor Lil Wayne.”

Drake also sat down with Chelsea Handler on her show last night. Drizzy and Chelsea were trying to talk about “Nothing Was The Same,”  but as conversations with comedians often go, they kept getting off topic. According to

“Drake sat down for a less serious discussion with Chelsea. Most importantly, we learn that his role on Anchorman 2 was not a random choice for him. The original film was an important part of his life, he actually used to have it playing on loop in the dashboard of his car. So it turns out, he was the one who reached out to Will Ferrell about appearing in the movie.

“He goes on to tell us that his Bar Mitzvah was held in an Italian restaurant, but then the interview comes to an abrupt close. Watch above, in which Drake and Chelsea trade penetration jokes.”

Nothing Was The Same” officially hit stores today.

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