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‘Bout That Rockstar Life: Kanye West Interview with Zane Lowe Part 1

Kanye West is one of the most passionate and outspoken artists in hip-hop culture, and while his frankness may rub some people the wrong way, he should be respected for his honesty. Over the weekend, a trailer for his interview with BBC’s Zane Lowe was released, in which West calls himself the “number one rockstar.” The first of the four-part interview was made public today, giving viewers some context to his comments. According to

“In part one of Kanye West’s interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, the Chicago rapper talks about the impact of his new album Yeezus.

“West describes the sound of the album, which he made as a way to push the boundaries sonically. “I was able to start just making what was exactly on my mind again, and not having to speak with the textures of the time,” he says. ‘Everybody is bound to these, no pun intended, they’re bound to 16 bars, eight bars, and the normal radio thing.'”

West also discusses how his level of success allows him to push the boundaries of music, implying that he feels incumbent to do just that.

Check out West’s interview above and stay tuned for part two.

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