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Beyonce Blends in with Brazilians, Joining Kids For Soccer Game

Beyonce may be living in an incredibly lavish mansion during her stay in Brazil, but when it comes to her cuisine and daily activities the R&B songstress is blending in with the locals and getting up close and personal with her Brazilian fans.

Beyonce may be the most popular powerhouse songstress in the world right now – even though she hasn’t released any successful new music recently – but that doesn’t mean she is too good to kick her shoes off and just have a little fun.

Instead of using her Brazilian trip to act like a famous tourist, Baddy Bey has become an honorary local.

When the “Grown Woman” singer took to Rio de Janiero on Tuesday, she arrived in typical Beyonce fashion before dressing down for a game of soccer with the children.

Upon arrival, Blue Ivy’s mommy was dressed in a white crocheted maxi skirt along with an intricately detailed crop top and enormous turquoise earrings. She also threw on a small sun hat to give herself  shade in the midst of the Brazilian heat.

Her outfit was incredibly chic, but she didn’t hesitate to slip off all her expensive clothes for a bright yellow T-shirt and denim shorts. She even decided to go barefoot for the soccer game before finally posing with all of the kids for a group picture.

This wasn’t the first time Beyonce showed the children special attention either. Earlier during her time in Brazil, she allowed a group of underprivileged children to come backstage with her after the show.

It’s obvious that Brazil absolutely loves Mrs. Carter, but one fan apparently loved her too much and ended up snatching her off the stage while reaching for a hug.

When Beyonce kneeled down to sing to the crowd during her performance of “Irreplaceable,” the fan leaped up and wrapped his arms around the curvy star, causing her to tumble forward.

Security immediately leaped into action, yanking Beyonce on stage as she quickly resumed her performance. The fan wasn’t escorted out of the concert and Beyonce actually took a break from singing to try to calm the fan down.

“It’s alright,” she said to the shocked crowd before walking back over to the fan who had pulled her off the stage. “It’s alright, it’s alright.”

The Mrs. Carter World Tour has proven just how exceptional of a performer Beyonce really is. After she was snatched off the stage, snatched up by an industrial fan, smacked on the butt by another concert-goer and just missed a couple of nip-slips, the songstress has always kept performing as if nothing was wrong.

No wonder she gets paid enough to be able to afford a $65,000 mansion rental during her trip to Brazil.

The posh pad has the potential to house 18 people comfortably, but don’t think Beyonce is living alone. She brought along her entire entourage and rumor has it that she’s even taken charge of cooking for them and keeping the large house tidy – along with her mother’s help of course.

Other staff members have also reportedly pitched in to help keep a hand on things for the 10-day stay.

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