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From The Vault: Unreleased Track of Kanye West and Myleka Song, ‘Candy’


Whenever album projects are worked on, there’s always news of a plethora of unreleased songs that don’t make the final cut. Today, Kanye West‘s fans get a look into unreleased blast from the past. A song called “Candy” that was produced by Kanye and features R&B singer Myleka has surfaced on the net today.

According to

“Because we’ll never get [tired] of unreleased Kanye gems. Fake Shore Drive has unearthed this relic from the Ye vaults called “Candy,” a track he featured on and produced for relatively unknown singer Myleka in the early 2000s. The beat was only leased, though, and was later picked up by Trina for her collaboration with Ludacris, “B R Right.” This earlier version is definitely worth a listen to hear Kanye throwing them diamonds up.”

The track is definitely old school, as it has that signature late 1990s to early 2000s sound.

Check out Kanye and Myleka on Candy below.

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