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Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones Plans to Rewrite History

Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has a chance to make history and the opportunity to acquire another accolade to his growing list of accomplishments at UFC 165 when he faces Alexander Gustafsson on Saturday.

At the moment, Jones is the youngest fighter to have a UFC title and he’s the youngest to defend that title. He also has the longest winning streak in UFC lightweight history.

He is tied with former titleholder Tito Ortiz at six successful UFC light heavyweight title defenses, but after the fight on Sept. 21 he could rewrite the history books.

During a press conference, Jones made it clear that surpassing Ortiz is his goal.

“Yes, absolutely. You know, I set that a long time ago,” said Jones. “I’ve set a lot of goals and becoming the greatest light heavyweight recordwise is definitely a big goal of mine.”

Jones is the top ranking pound-for-pound fighter and that is not something the 26-year-old takes lightly.

“It just drives me to just continue to work hard. It drives me to push harder and to realize that I’m here for a reason and I need to continue to be that hard worker that I’ve been. And so yes, it’s just great. I’m really excited about it and after this fight, after this win, I’ll feel that the ranking is a little more justified,” he said.

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