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5 thoughts on “Racial Tension Reaches Fever Pitch in South Africa: Video of White Students Beating Black Protesters at #UFS Rugby Match Surfaces

  1. Racial tension is now worldwide. This is it, to repeat michael jackson, see

  2. Racial tension has been worldwide for the past few centuries. This isn't new and nothing has changed. When I was growing up, I was physically attacked by racist Caucasian people on a daily basis at the private, Christian school I attended. After a while I got tired of "turning the other cheek" and I took care of the problems. Generations before me were attacked by racist Caucasian people at school and in other places. Nothing has changed. Integration was a bad idea. The end.

  3. Alj Coetzer says:

    I'm a South African and you have a one sided view of this incident. I don't support the violence, but what you are not showing us how black men beat up a couple of lady students before the start of this match… This was but the culmination of the lady beating incident. ..

  4. Big deal. there are fights at ecery soccer match.

  5. Mary Anigbo says:

    I just want Black players/protesters to win the fight!!

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