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Eagles Coach Chip Kelly Takes Blame for Loss

Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly has admitted that he may have made a few mistakes which caused them to lose 33-30 at home to San Diego Sunday.

Losing 30-27 with 2:09 left in the fourth quarter, the Eagles had a 1st-and-10 on San Diego’s 14-yard line. Instead of running the clock down to the two-minute warning, Kelly went for two quick plays which left them at two minute breaks with a 3rd-and-10.

Philadelphia ended up kicking a field 32-yard field goal to tie the game with 1:51 left on the clock. Thereafter, the Chargers had enough time to march down the field and win the game by kicking a field goal of their own.

Kelly admitted on Monday that he should have run the clock down instead of going for the plays.

“When you look at it in hindsight, maybe we should have bled the clock and not giving them enough time to come down and do it. You learn from those situations,” Kelly told WIP in Philadelphia, via “But we were trying to score seven, not three. We felt like we had three, and just thought we had the opportunity to put one in there, and we didn’t get it. We didn’t capitalize.”

Kelly plays smart football, but sometimes you need to play logical football. “I was trying to score; that’s all on me, that’s my call,” Kelly said. “I didn’t want it to leave it in the hands of, it’s a tie ballgame. If you score, you’re up four. You got to drive a length of the field to try to score a touchdown.”

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