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‘Big Brother’ Season 15: ‘Final Eviction’

Big Brother” Season 15 Episode 35 airs on CBS tonight, where the final Head of Household competition No. 15 and the final Eviction No. 15 will be held.

McCrae Olson, the pizza delivery boy from Minnesota, has been sent to the “Big Brother” jury, leaving the alliance of GinaMarie, Spencer, and Andy to compete among themselves to decide who will be sent to the jury in the Final Eviction.

GinaMarie won the first stage of the Head of Household competition. Tonight Andy and Spencer will square off in the second phase to see who will take on GinaMarie in the third and final stage, in the season finale next Wednesday night.

Tune in tonight to “Big Brother at 8 p.m./7c to see who wins the second stage of Head of Household No. 15.

Check out the preview below.


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