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Kanye West’s Passionate Rant About Pusha T

No stranger to controversy and known for speaking his mind, rapper Kanye West went on a rant at Pusha T’s album listening party. Yeezus had a three-minute shouting session about how influential Pusha T is to rap music.

According to

“Before we could even blink, Ye popped up right behind Pusha T like the holy ghost. And, within minutes Kanye West let off one of the wildest rants of his career. Trust, you’ve never seen Mr. West go this hard for his one of his artists.”

“That’s why I stand next to this n**a. I don’t give a f** about none of these corporations, none of these f**** sellouts, this muthaf**** Pusha T,” screamed Kanye.

Kanye does admit to being under the influence of Grey Goose. But as over the top as it may be,  Kanye’s passion is the reason his fans love him.

Pusha T’s new album, My Name Is My Name, is scheduled to be released Oct. 8.

It has also now been confirmed that Kanye and Miley Cyrus did work on a remix for Ye’s hit Black Skinhead. Miley’s producer, Mike Will Made It, told MTV’s Sway Callaway during an interview that there is indeed an official remix to the song.

No doubt Kanye fans can anticipate hearing that remix during his upcoming Yeezus tour. In the meantime check out Kanye’s rant above.

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