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In Trouble Again: Von Miller Cited for Driving With Suspended License, Speeding

Denver Broncos’ Von Miller has to sit out the first six games of the season after he was suspended for violating the  NFL’s  policy on substance abuse.  Now the football star finds himself in more trouble with the law that may cause him to miss more games.

The third-year linebacker was arrested back in August for failing to appear in court on traffic charges, including careless driving, driving without a license and without proof of insurance. Last week he was cited again for driving with a suspended license and speeding, according to CBS4 in Denver.

While he was not jailed for his second driving offense in less than two months, it certainly raises questions about the maturity of the all-pro linebacker.

The NFL does not typically involve itself in disciplining players who have traffic violations. There have been exceptions, like that of New Orleans Saints wide receiver Donte Stallworth. In 2009, Stallworth killed a pedestrian while driving under the influence in Florida. He received a 30-day jail sentence and  was suspended for the entire 2009 season.

In Miller’s case, the NFL probably will not take action, but that does not mean that the Broncos organization won’t. However, it is likely that Miller will skate by, which is unfortunate because it doesn’t appear he is learning from all his mistakes.

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