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5 Things The Black Church Can Do To Move us Forward

Black Church

In his book, “The Black Church is the Black Community’s Cornerstone,” Horace Baldwin wrote:  “For over two hundred years the black church has played various roles in the black community including a temporary refuge from the oppressions of slavery, a needed sanctuary on the ‘Freedom Trail,’ a place of emotional release from racial discrimination, and vehicle of social change.”

In many ways some black churches have continued that legacy of service to our communities. However, given the rise in poverty, black on black violence, the disproportionate number of black men in prison and number of  black women raising children alone  – it is time for the church to re-establish its leadership position. Below are 5 actions we believe the black church can take to help move us forward.

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13 thoughts on “5 Things The Black Church Can Do To Move us Forward

  1. Sidney Davis says:

    the church needs to speak up and out on the dignity of black manhood and against the "pants on the ground" syndrome which is a gross statement self disrespect and a disgraceful fad of black youth celebrating the fashion of thug immorality.

  2. Sidney Davis says:

    More black people die from being aborted than ALL other causes of death combined. Do you think that ranks on the list of black national health emergencies? WHY?

  3. Glen C. Moore says:

    The Black Church needs to support our communities with economic action! Stop building these Megachurchs and feathering the Pastor's nest! Develop a national strategy to fund education for our best and brightest, cloth the homeless, and mentor the fatherless. It's the only way we can survive in this century.

  4. The Church's ability to reach the populace is a two way street. Fact is that church attendance is not as consistent or prolific as it was in former times. Our sector of the population appears now not to be under fire as in times past, but that is far from accurate.

  5. Since LBJ the Black Church has become like the system it once fought against. Seeking to get funded so the so called leaders go alone to get alone.

  6. It should more than a problem that our president props up the abomanation of same sex marriages that are clearly against GOD.. To allow evil to parade around unashamed is the worse insult to Our Heavenly Father!! We are to LOVE the sinner,,,NOT THEIR SIN!!

  7. AMEN Glen! There has to be PERSONAL responsibility and a taking charge of our own lives through a relationship with God and HIS way!! God's word promises ,,, we will NEVER see HIS children begging bread! There are many Churches and organizations in America to help us get up on our feet and then, when we do. we are to reach out and do for others caught in a bind,,, BUT NEVER make it a way of life to always be in a begger's place!!l

  8. I am totally in agreement! That hangdown nasty look makes you disrespect your body, country and world. , Be proud to be a CHILD of GOD'S and walk in a refreshing newness of heart, soul and Spirit! Pull up your drawers and do something good for yourself and for our world! This is the ONLY planet we have! Let us respect it and ourselves!!

  9. NO! Its used as birth control because they didn't take precautions!! BUT it is outright MURDER!!

  10. Sidney Davis says:

    some people call it murder, I call it genocide.

  11. How refreshing it was to read the comments here. There is so much that could be stated in response, but I can only add my praise upon those who have spoken up to this point. Secondarily, the whole notion of a Black Community, as we stand today, is a myth. I commend to you Dr. Claude Anderson's works. He makes a great case for a few of the points made in the article. Where we (Dr. A & I) may disagree is on the role of the church in the coming awakening. I argue that the church MUST be central to any legitimate progress. Otherwise we will continue to get what we already got! I have launched a local program designed to work with Black men, some of whom have been previously incarcerated, to do more than teach job skills for jobs that don't exist. We teach on self-sufficiency/reliance. I am working through an AME church, in hopes that we will be able to build the program and branch out through the denomination as we grow.

  12. the black church is a cesspool of filth, pedophilia and corruption. They have received almost $400 BILLION in the last 30 years from poor brainwashed white Jesus worshipping negroes. And instead of demanding ACTION negroes get on their knees and wait for the image of Cesare Borgia (aka white Jesus) to appear.

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