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Gucci Mane Causes Twitter Pandemonium: Blasts Nicki Minaj, Fantasia, Tiny and More

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane may very well go down in Twitter history after sharing a string of ridiculously tacky and disgusting tweets that claimed he had sex with everyone from Nicki Minaj to Fantasia.

Gucci has always held the hip-hop record for the one rapper who is known to follow through with his word – if he says he’s coming after you, please believe he’s coming – but the question is how believable is he when it comes to claims about his sex life?

Gucci’s tweets appeared literally out of nowhere and no one is exactly sure what caused the random outbreak, but the Twitterverse remained captivated for hours. The rant was actually so long and came with so many unexpected twists and turns, hilarious memes, celebrity responses, and gross Twit pics that we can’t even give you the full story but what we can do is give you the best highlights.

Gucci claims he had a threesome with Nicki Minaj: Nicki may be known for her promiscuous verses but would she ever really get in bed with Gucci and Waka Flocka? According to Gucci she did. Mind you, the tweets reflected Gucci’s serious lack of education with misplaced periods, random spaces, and even at one point turning the word “resentment” into two words – “resent” and “ment.” Despite all the typing errors, the message was clear and it wasn’t long before an incriminating photo of the trio surfaced with Nicki posing between Waka, Gucci and several other rappers in a dimly lit tour bus.

Nicki responds: Gucci’s tweets were enough to capture Twitter’s attention, but once celebrities started responding it was as if the madness would never come to an end. Nicki’s first response was a simple string of emojis laughing until they cried before she claimed she would never sleep with Gucci because he “looks like an upset stomach.”

Gucci brings Fantasia into the mix: Attacking Nicki was one thing, but bringing Fantasia into the drama was uncalled for. Suddenly the ice-cream cone tattoo- flaunting rapper made claims that he and Fantasia also had a thing at one point.

Gucci vs. T.I.:  Gucci even called out the Southern king’s wife and although he didn’t claim to have had sex with her, his tweet about Tiny was one of the most offensive of the entire rant.

“I wanna f*** tiny lil ugly a**,” he tweeted, as he made it clear that things were only going to get worse from this point on.

T.I. responds with a subtweet: T.I. apparently didn’t want to get involved in the Twitter spat and we don’t blame him because his career clearly places him as the winner in this battle anyway. However, he did want to shed a little light on the situation. T.I. sent out a tweet claiming that “only a fool” would act in such a manner on Twitter just for publicity.

Tyga calls out Gucci with screenshots and corny jokes: Perhaps the biggest blow to Gucci’s rants was when Tyga and Nicki revealed why the rapper may have been so upset in the first place. The YMCM rapper shared screen shots of the conversation he had when Gucci asked him and Nicki to be featured on a song with him. Nicki’s priceless response to the offer immediately led to some hilarious new memes after she also shared her own screenshot of the conversation.

Unfortunately, Tyga followed up with some more tweets that ruined his small victory. Tyga sent out gross pictures of feces and claimed that it was the album art for Gucci’s next album and for the next 20 minutes all the Twitter disses were aimed at the washed-up rapper for making such a bad joke.

“Not interested,” Nicki texted back, regarding the opportunity to do a song with Gucci.

Gucci Claims Even More Sex Partners: Throughout Gucci’s rants he kept bringing up more and more celebrity names that he allegedly had sex with and the list shocked fans. According to Gucci, in addition to sleeping with Nicki and Fantasia, he also slept with Ciara, Tyga’s girlfriend Blac Chyna, Keyshia Cole, Monica, and even Taraji P. Henson.

Waiting for the Beyonce tweet: Nothing was more hilarious than when one Twitter user asked the following question: “What’s going to happen if he mentions Beyonce?” Suddenly Twitter users from all across the nation were responding with pictures of nuclear bombs going off, a nation in total blackness, violent war zones and even claiming that Twitter would immediately shut down if Gucci so much as mentioned Beyonce’s name during his Twitter rant. Luckily, he never decided to go that far.

A lot more drama happened during the rant including Gucci calling Drake a groupie; Kendrick Lamar calling everyone out for focusing more on ignorant rappers than artists with real talent; Gucci calling out Rocko for running from a fight; bringing up his beef with Jeezy again; an entire collection of brand new hilarious memes that will fill our social media pages for days; and so much more. If you want to check out the entire string of madness check out Gucci’s Twitter profile.


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