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16 Black Celebrities With a Collective Net Worth of Over $10B

Black celebrities, like black people in general, still have a long way to go to achieve economic parity with their white counter parts. However, there are a select few who are doing quite well for themselves. The following is a list of black celebrities whose net worth is, in total, over $10 billion. Hopefully these affluent celebrities use their money and influence to move us forward.

Will Smith

The Smith family is Hollywood royalty, and although his kids are fast becoming popular in the music and film industries, Will Smith is still the breadwinner in his house.  Worth about $200 million, Will is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, and he still gets a ton of money from his Fresh Prince Of Bel Air show that aired in the ’90s.


Russell Simmons

Founder of the most successful rap music label of all time, Def Jam, Russell Simmons has been rewarded handsomely with a net worth of $325 million. In recent years, Russell has been more focused on social activism and promoting ethnic diversity.

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41 thoughts on “16 Black Celebrities With a Collective Net Worth of Over $10B


  2. Well Here They Are….Go Figure…..All No The Struggle And History Of Black People And They Been There….What The Problem They Can Not Come Together And Build A Alliance To Rebuild There Communities……Come On We help You Guys To Get There. Do You Really Believe We Didn't Play A Part……No One Want A Hand Out…Just A Little Help To Get Our Communities' Back On There Feet And Give Our Youth a Chance….Can't You See What Happening… To Your Own…But Let The Others Go After You…Come Running And We There For You And Support You In Wrongs And Rights…..I Am A Small Person With Little…But I Fight Everyday And Put Something Back To My Black Communities' With Nothing Making A Difference In Some Kind A Way…..

  3. You No Guys We Need To Buzz These Guys Out Stop The Support Until They Come Back….Word Of Mouth Is Powerful…… Let Them No You Don't Forget Home…..Stand With Me……Just To See If They Will Respond Back On This….. And Russell Really….You Take Major From Your Own With That Bank Card……People Stand Up Share This Information To The World…….Call Them Out…We Got To Help Ourselves Our Children. Look At What The Schools Are Doing Closing…People On The Street No Where To Go….Children Hungry…….Our Young Boys Not Having Respected For No One Not Caring But Smoke Pants Hanging….Come On Stand Up….We Can Change It…. Collectively….We Have Power Like Never Before…And The Others Is On A Mission To Keep Us Oppress Even Deeper In Poverty…Stand Up…With Me..

  4. WoW impressive.Now I would just suggest that they funnel their tax money to all black owned non-profits that uplift our communities' we're here.Get onboard people.

  5. Blacks should not expect for other rich blacks to just give them their money. The issue with the Black community is such that they refuse to take personal responsibility for themselves. Money don't solve anything. This is why people who win the lottery go brook after a few years.

  6. Deborah Long says:


  7. Reynold Walters; The black community don't look for anyone to do anything for them. Me as a black woman I worked hard for my income. I live in what you called the black community, a nice way of saying poor communities. We need
    people to understand this ,stop putting hard working people down. Also; I and
    others living in the poor communities do not look for blacks like you or the rich
    to be personal responsible for anything. Money would solve alot of things but
    no not everything. We are the only races that don't help one another.

  8. Blackegypt Kemet says:

    @barbara so true and my heart cry if we don't get together organize n centralize and create our own economy.we will seize to exist too much of us married out our race and soon these mix people is going rebell mark my word u are so right love.we the only race don't help our one another look at the Native American u no how much casino they have. And they have their own police. Reservation own law our black people In America, African, carribean Latin America our black people I. India and the middleast need to wake up

  9. Blackegypt Kemet says:

    @reynolds u make no sense we need unity brother. We the only race kill our one another doing the white man work. Brother do you understand the other races don't like us. They only tolerate us but the question is how long. If they want they could ripe black people off the face of the earth all us black people do is mix our children and call them black. The one drop rule is stupid. Is plan use by the white to destroy our original color and soon these mix race is going to rebel mark my word brother

  10. Blackegypt Kemet says:

    My friend we will seize to exist. Cuz we are to disorganized we are hated by all other race. Marcus garvey said black people will never truly respected until the whole of emancipated it sell thru achievement social and economy

  11. Blackegypt Kemet You already have your own place – it is called Africa, and an organization called the African Union, similar to the European Union. That is your place – evil brought you here – and you do not belong and you will never have anything good here. Other 'whites' come here and do very well – but you do not – because, good fellow, you don't belong.

  12. Blackegypt Kemet says:

    @patrick goodhall, that's what u false doctrine teaches you, didn't you know africans. Also the black race as a whole is an ancient race, we existed before you people was on this planet. We are the earth original people. The children of the black sun. We was in the Americas and throughout the 7 continent before other races. Seems you need to go do some research on stop relying on your forefathers to lie to you, yes ur people and other people may have progress in the future. The world itself indebted to us for the benefit of civilization. The bible is an African story ur people stole from africa, your people don't belong to the Americas. In case you forget black people once rule the world, the true god and I ain't talking that pale skin potray, the true black devine father will give back all that belong to the black race. This planet belong to us, my people is lost because the lack of knowledge.

  13. Patrick Goodhall I guess you do!!

  14. Could not have said it better….

  15. @Reginald Pruitt the media has always said the black community are bad. So what new,like the black men are killers, our children cannot be educated . We have made some progress but it takes a village to rise a community. We need black American to unit.

  16. Patrick Goodhall , Caucasion people are our children. Go back and study anthropology. The negroid people are the original people of the earth. We have been on the earth for millions of years. Your eurocentric ideology is only about 1500 years old and if you look closely ,it is passing away.

  17. Josh Hill says:

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  18. Alvin Ellis says:

    Patrick Goodhall you racist pig.

  19. Patrick Goodhall Please read the comments of Blackegypt Kemet again. Native Americans are given the distinction of being the indigenous people of North America- not the Europeans. Perhaps you should think twice before you tell any group where they don't belong. Secondly, there are many African American millionaires in this country who have done exceedingly well in business, science and other fields of endeavor and opportunity, obviously you are sheltered and don't know. I advise you to get a grip and READ!!!

  20. Bev Turner says:

    @ Patrick , where the hell did you come from, lets ask the native American if YOU belong

  21. Harry Crook says:

    Its pretty obvious you did not listen in English class. Maybe it should have been called African class. Your grammar sucks. Learn correct grammar.

  22. Harry Crook says:

    Only the black community can stop the drug use anx black on black crime.

  23. Oliverr Whiite says:

    I believe Bill Cosby's worth has dropped… lol

  24. Jack Johnson says:

    I thought will smith was worth billion dollars now all films-stuff he done?

  25. That list is pretty impressive but they forgot about Floyd Mayweather, he is not only a great fighter but a very shrewd businessman.

  26. That list is pretty impressive but they forgot about Floyd Mayweather, he is not only a great fighter but a very shrewd businessman.

  27. All these people are blessed but think about everyone of us can make it big too in life

  28. Xavier King says:

    Patrick Goodhall Shutup & die old racist man. The sooner racist people like you die out the better the world will be. Only evil I see is you leaving hateful comments, nice contradiction, moron.

  29. Abbas Ali says:

    Is Mariah Carey Black 🙁

  30. Abbas Ali says:

    Is Mariah Carey Black 🙁

  31. lollol yeah you right babygirl, his net worth in society this days reads more like, "Not Shit" lol and that's "at all". Good Post

  32. Her Dad is Panamanian. Her family was constanly ridiculed when she was growing up because her parents were an interratial couple.


  34. Bryan Dye says:

    that figures people are so racist now adays

  35. Al Eng says:

    You stated blacks should not expect rich blacks to give them money . What if they made money off a person? Like Barry Gordy or Prince .Between the two of them they are worth a half billion dollars. Vanity was reduced to begging on a Gofundme account. Today it's less than 7k. Not even enough to bury her. And they could not help out just a little? "MY PEOPLE", what a joke! just another big BS LIE!!!!

  36. Al Eng says:

    How did you lose the Lack of Knowledge?

  37. Derell Rassy Great play on words "Seize to exist".

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