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Beyonce Has Yet Another Near Nip Slip in Capri, Debuts Longer Bob in Brazil

Beyonce planned on revealing her new slightly longer bob look, but after a slight wardrobe malfunction during an outing with husband Jay Z the Queen Bey almost flashed the island of Capri on Saturday.

It’s only been a matter of days since her last near nip slip and this time she came even closer to letting the girls loose. We aren’t sure what it is about Beyonce’s clothes, but they just don’t want to stay on her lately – but we’re pretty sure it would be hard to find anyone complaining about it.

Beyonce and Jay Z had arrived to the island of Capri, off the western coast of Italy, for a dinner date at Taverna Anema e Core when a button on Beyonce’s her low-cut jumpsuit suddenly popped open.

The R&B singer’s quick reaction prevented her goodies from getting out, but had her reflexes been just another second slower, it would have been too late for a graceful recovery.

Beyonce laughed off the incident as she snapped the button back together, while Mr. Carter looked on with much concern.

Despite becoming a little red in the face, Bey was able to fix the jumpsuit and casually continue her evening out with Jay Z without any other problems.

The jumpsuit itself actually wasn’t the most flattering outfit we’ve seen on Bey, but pairing it with a simple black jumper and a large dazzling necklace made it chic enough for us to look past the not-so-flattering fit.

Meanwhile, Beyonce was also showing off a slightly longer bob this time around, as she stopped for a press conference in Brazil.

She wore her hair in beachy waves that reached down just a few inches past her shoulders.  At this rate it won’t be long before we see her back in the long tresses that she usually swings around on stage.

The longer bob did seem to compliment her casual but still fashionable look for the press conference, where she wore denim shorts along with a brightly colored Criminal Damages “Della Black” T-shirt that costs almost $50. She paired the look with black booties that helped to elongate her gorgeous tan and toned legs.

During the Brazilian press conference, Mrs. Carter was surprisingly candid and didn’t hesitate to answer questions about balancing motherhood and her career.

“It’s really interesting because I’m touring with my daughter for the first time,” she said. “My dream has always been to balance my life and career. I think it’s the one thing that women struggle with because it’s so difficult having a career and being a mother.”

Beyonce also talked about how much she loves that baby Blue Ivy Carter gets to see so many exotic locations and experience new cultures.

“But when I’m able to travel to places like Brazil, it makes me so proud that she’s able to experience these different cultures and meet all these interesting people and eat amazing food at such a young age,” she said. “It makes me really proud of my job.”

Blue Ivy wasn’t the only young person that Beyonce brought along for the trip either.

She also invited 10 youths from the Central Unica das Favelas for a special meeting backstage.

CUFA is an internationally recognized organization that brings together youths from several poor communities in Brazil and creates a positive environment for them to grow and prosper. The union creates many opportunities for the kids to get involved with sports, learning new talents and skills and even helps build positive social attitudes despite what many of the young people have been through.

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