Life and Limb: Mouse Bone Found in Box of Quaker Cereal


While chomping on a bowl of Quaker Life cereal, Shea Boman-Smead of Eugene, Ore., says she saw something in her breakfast that didn’t look like it belonged there. The mother-to-be claims she found a mouse’s femur bone in her cereal. When she contacted Quaker, she was told to ship the empty box to them with a plastic bag containing the bone.

Of course Boman-Smead was not particularly enthused by Quaker’s response, so she decided to take her story to the local media, telling KVAL 13, “Other people could find something like that in their cereal. It’s just gross.”

It’s not clear if Mrs. Boman-Smead will be bringing legal action against the company. But she made it clear that she will never enjoy Life cereal again, and who would blame her?

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