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‘Bridezillas’ Season 10, Episodes 16 & 17

Tonight, two new back-to-back episodes of  “Bridezillas” Season 10 air on WE.

In Episode 16, “Ashley & Ariane,” kinky Bridezilla Ariane, likes to get  her freak on, while the squirrel-loving Bridezilla Ashley gets an unexpected gift from a furry friend. Ariane enjoys some hardcore snacks and dirty dancing with her bridesmaids. Meanwhile, Ashley hosts a hillbilly wedding, filled with moonshine and animals, but not guests. Watch Ariane kick guests out of her wedding for not dressing to her standards in the sneak peek below.



Episode 17, “Ariane & Roxy” will follow the “Ashley & Ariane” episode. Ariane continues to carry on with her cranky antics, pushing her family to the brink. Former “Survivor” contestant Roxy is very religious, but that doesn’t mean she’s polite. Roxy gets belligerent and nearly comes to blows with an innocent bystander. Check her out in the clip below.



“Bridezillas” Season 10, “Ashley & Ariane” airs tonight on WE at 9 PM EST, followed by “Ariane & Roxy” at 10 PM.

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