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‘Bridezillas’ Episode 13: ‘Yovanna & Aleshia’

BridezillasEpisode 13 “Yovanna & Aleshia” airs tonight on WE with another couple of impossible brides-to-be.

In one of this week’s back-to-back episodes, a wasted Yovanna waves her bride pimp cup and makes her sister maid-of-honor No. 2 for being late to a wedding event. When the drama between them escalates, Yovanna is ready to call security to remove her sister. Meanwhile, after five entire months of dating, Aleshia has her fiance trained better than the dogs. She ignores all the warning signs about her rapidly approaching  nuptials.

Tune in to WE tonight at 9 PM/ 8 Central to catch all the drama in “Bridezillas” Episode 13 “Yovanna & Aleshia.” Until then, indulge in a couple of sneak peek videos below.

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