‘Gravity’ Trailer Gives More Insight Into Sandra Bullock’s Gut-Wrenching Experience

A new “Gravity” trailer has been released online that reportedly contains a big spoiler. The film that stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney is a big contender in the upcoming Oscar season.

The clip gives us the longest look at the Warner Bros. film so far; and just like its two predecessors, it provides evidence of the film’s stunning visuals—which look like they will be in 3D. We also gain a little more insight into Bullock’s character, Ryan Stone. The preview also suggests that the movie will be a nail-biter, as we hear Bullock’s heavy breathing is punctuating the soundtrack as she spins out of control, amid flying debris.

As for the spoiler, nothing seems to pop out that gives anything away, although it is so hectic, there may be a clue hidden among all the chaos.

Gravity comes out October 4. Watch the latest trailer below:


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