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'Gravity' Has the Scariest Trailer

Where have you been, Alfonso Cuarón? You direct Children of Men, one of the best movies of the 00’s, and then you up and disappear for seven years? That’s just cruel.

But now he’s back! In outer space! With Sandra Bullock and George Clooney! As astronauts who are completely stranded after an explosion aboard the space station. You might note something: this is the scariest scenario that a human being can possibly be in.

Think about it: it’s space. If you lose your grip, you just… float away. And this trailer maximizes that horror. There are so many amazing moments of sphincter-clenching terror here. The best is one of the last shots, with an astronaut floating by the piece of debris, grasping desperately at it, while it’s just. out. of. reach. Terrifying. I might have heart attacks at this movie.

Gravity comes out October 4th. Watch the trailer right now:

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