Producers of ‘The Blind Side’ Speak Out Against Allegations from Michael Oher After Revealing How Much He and the Tuohy Family Made from the Film

There has been another turn in the case of Michael Oher vs. the Tuohy Family, with the production company of the hit film “The Blind Side” siding with Oher’s conservators and calling the former offensive lineman a liar.  

Michael Oher files new motion, alleging he was never adopted from the Tuohy family and that he never made any money from the film inspired by his life, "The Blind Side."
Michael Oher files new motion, alleging he was never adopted from the Tuohy family and that he never made any money from the film inspired by his life, “The Blind Side.” (Photo: @michaeloher/Instagram; @leighannetuohy/Instagram)

Alcon Entertainment co-founders and co-CEOs Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove are now speaking out to tell their side of the story.

In the statement obtained by People magazine, Johnson and Kosove said that the film “is verifiably authentic and will never be a lie or fake, regardless of the familial ups and downs that have occurred subsequent to the film.”  

In the movie, Oher is portrayed as an impoverished young boy with mental issues who knew nothing about playing football. He has claimed for years that his representation in the movie has “clouded how people view him” in real life.

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The movie story comes at odds with the fact that Oher was already a football star and a good student before being taken in by the Tuohys.

Johnson and Kosove also stated that “the notion that the Tuohys were paid millions of dollars by Alcon to the detriment of Michael Oher is false.”

The pair also allege in their statement that Oher and the entire Tuohy family “were collectively paid approximately $767,000 in payments delivered through their talent agency for The Blind Side.”

As previously reported, Oher accused the Tuohy family of cutting him out of the profits from the movie. The Super Bowl champion claims that the Tuohys “collectively received millions” while he “received nothing for his rights.” The movie has made over $330 million since its release in 2009. Fans of the film were shocked that Oher was allegedly left out of the profits. 

“How did he not get in for royalties? I’m sorry i don’t get how someone let this happen.”

“I see why they called it the blind side had all of us fooled smh.”

“damn, this looks awful..”


Ever since the former Baltimore Ravens player released news of his legal battle against his former family, the Tuohy’s and “The Blind Side” creators have received major backlash. Some feel that the family and the film took advantage of a young man in need to line their own pockets, but like Johnson and Kosove, not everyone is on the side of Oher.  

Quinton Aaron, the man who played Oher in “The Blind Side,” backed his costar Sandra Bullock over the athlete. Fans of the film began calling for Bullock to return the Oscar she won for her playing the role of Leigh-Anne Tuohy.

Yet Aaron came to her aide, telling folks to “Stop trying to come for Sandra because you’re going to make me mad and they are going to have to come through me!” 

Bullock has yet to speak on the matter. However, Oher filed a new motion this week, seeking information on the total amount of how much the movie actually made. He alleges the Tuohys never filed a full accounting of Oher’s finances with Shelby County clerk’s office, and under Tennessee law they are required to do so every year since 2004.

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