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9 Black Celebs Malcolm X Would Call Modern Day Uncle Toms

Malcolm X’s speech on the role of Uncle Toms and modern house Negroes.

Don Lemon

FILE – In this April 19, 2017 file photo, Don Lemon attends the world premiere of “Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives” at Radio City Music Hall, during the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, in New York. The New York Police Department is investigating alleged threats sent to CNN host Lemon. Police on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017, said Lemon, who is black, had reported receiving “numerous threatening and anti-black messages sent to his Twitter account from an unknown individual.” (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File)

Don Lemon

On November 5th, 2013 speaking during his regular slot on the Tom Joyner show, Lemon said that police were not always very respectful of the people they stopped, but that tampering with the “formula that has reduced crime in New York City” could be very dangerous. “The question is, would you rather be politically correct or safe and alive?” he concluded.

Over the summer Lemon made an equally controversial comment. In the wake of the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the CNN news anchor found it necessary to blame the dress style of young black males as well as other personal choices as a reason for the injustices they suffer in the United States.

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181 thoughts on “9 Black Celebs Malcolm X Would Call Modern Day Uncle Toms

  1. Itai Kunonga says:

    Allen West…no, he is a man judged by his character not by the color of his skin, his statement is true, Ben Carson too…Bill Cosby is not one coz he got money…smh! Who makes this sh! t up?

  2. Yes all uncle toms indeed. Bill Cosby is the worst one!

  3. Glester Thorpe says:

    LMAO @ that Bill Cosby picture.

  4. These selections for "Uncle Tom" are all based on some rather shallow criteria..Don Lemon may not belong on this list But Al Sharpton does..Sheryl Underwood is not worth the time to print her name but Jay Z should be on this list..Bill Cosby is a tough call and there is room for debate. But What is not debatable is the person or persons who put this article together understand almost NOTHING of what Malcolm tried to tell us…nothing and that is sad.

  5. Vevai Marvelous Myers says:

    why is bill cosby's name up there?

  6. Levon DeMarquis Valle says:

    This is hilarious. Folks do know that Uncle Tom in Harriet Beecher-Stowe's novel was actually a rebellious slave? But what amuses me even more are the House/Field Negro bullshyt. There were no such things during the antebellum period; most slaves that worked in the House were women who were abused. That's right, abused; and as history has shown, subjected to rape. But don't take my word for it:

  7. I think whoever wrote this article needs to get their facts, names and aspects straight and STOP RIDING on NAMES to sound LITERARY and HIP. Go find the TRUE meaning of UNCLE TOM as a's NOT the CONTEXT being CONVEYED in this writing…

  8. The definition of a Uncle Tom: A non practicing black who is overtly or covertly recruited to fulfill alien values for the benefit of another race and who ignores his or her obligation to help advance the status and improve the condition of Black people. There is a whole lot of people missing from this list. And we don't need Malcolm x here to assign them either…lol

  9. Charles Mangum says:

    Had any of you ever read Uncle Tom's Cabin, you would know that Tom was not the "sellout"! Sambo was!

  10. I disagree totally with the Bill Cosby one especially since Clarence Thomas was on the list AND YOU SAID BILL COSBY IS THE WORST ONE.

  11. Chestener Gorden says:

    This is sad. For one you are the culprit here moreso than some on this list. It is unfortunate that most will ( yes, as you counted on) will not bother to read the quote in context and will run with this nonsense. Mr. Cosby? give me a break, too much much merit to what he has said and too close to home. Maybe Malcolm himself should be put on the list, if you check his views after returning to the U.S. or even Rev. King.
    What's the use…you are as the others.

  12. Mark Townsend says:

    I try to point out the same thing about Uncle Tom, but they still don't get it.

  13. Mark Townsend says:

    funny thing is if X were still alive, he'd be giving Cosby Props.

  14. Levon DeMarquis Valle says:

    Tell me about it.The only reason we see a stigma against the Uncle Tom character is because the novel was later featured in racist minstrel plays – VERY LOOSELY – based on her book, that were actually done without her permission, and as a result of the country's racial climate during that time, became very popular and overshadowed who the original character was and what he represented.

  15. non practicing black????!?!?!?! lol

  16. It's funny that your Uncle Tom's all share one very common trait.. they are all strong advocates for personal responsibility and conduct, skill that many liberals fail to embrace, because if you take responsibility for your action you can no longer play victim.

  17. What Make you say that Bill Cosby is the worst one?

  18. Ed Dunn says:

    Malcolm X would call Atlanta Black Star a bunch of Uncle Toms for writing this lame "lists" content instead of using the power of information to educate and uplift each other…

  19. Ed Dunn says:

    Malcolm X would call Atlanta Black Star a bunch of Uncle Toms for writing this lame "lists" content instead of using the power of information to educate and uplift each other…

  20. Ed Dunn says:

    Exactly. I realized that too. To call people like Ben Carson an Uncle Tom…If I'm correct, this Atlanta Black Star is some Boule crap that is now promoting this crappy content…notice no "light-skinned" people in this list..have any of you noticed that?

  21. Ed Dunn says:

    Well, Don Lemon is not that light skinned…

  22. Now are we talking about Malcolm X BEFORE he went to Mecca?

  23. Yup…lol according to the book "American Directory Of Certified Uncle Toms". And as Min. Khalid use to say, Black isn't only the color of the skin, but it's a state of being; A state of conscience and a state of existance…

  24. Charles E. Treadway III says:

    This is why we as people of color will never get ahead. We are always trying to pull others down that have made it. Now Ms. Underwood has problem with loving her own hair and color herself, if she made such a stupid statement. My Mother saved my hair after haircuts when I was little, like my sister with her children. It is a Mother thing not a black/white thing. Unless you walk a mile in these people's shoes keep your comments to your self. A lot of these people provide scholarships to schools, money for projects in their respective communities and jobs. Magic Johnson builts movie theators for all people. Grow up people unless you are part of the solution don't continue to be part of the probelm.

  25. I wondered the same thing because Malcolm after his Mecca journey wouldn't IMO.

  26. Khayam Clark says:

    How do you leave Jesse Lee Peterson off this list. He told P. Morgan that everyone new that the young man was a thug. If I was Tray's Dad I would have rode to his church and personally whooped his ass in front of his congregation.

  27. SO let me get this straight; being an Uncle Tom is Good??? Give me a FUCKIN break. A perfect Uncle Tom is perfectly defined by The Honorable Elijah Muhaammad. 1. Short 2. not light skinned 3. Only knows and loves white people; good or bad. 4 Burley (Fat) = WILLARD SCOTT

  28. YES. There was a PRE MALCOLM and a POST MALCOLM. Post Malcolm was not our friend. Post Malcolm was a friend of Mike Wallace from CBS.

  29. David Young says:

    Stanley Muhammad sounds like an opinion that you have adopted to me. It is not an absolute truth, it is just a belief sir.

  30. David Young says:

    I think that Bill Cosby is dead on!

  31. David Young says:

    James Edward White Jr Post malcom was still our friend, he just had a different mindset to get to the same goal. His eyes never really left the prize.

  32. I certainly agree that the stigma associated with Uncle Tom is a bit askew from his actual character in the novel. However, if my memory serves me correctly, I don't recall him being "rebellious" insomuch. My memory may be a bit fuzzy (it's been YEARS since I read it), but I think the primary reason he is used as a pejorative figure is because he put the lives and health of his White masters above his. Basically, he would do anything to keep Master and his children safe. Nice anecdotes. Thx for the post. 🙂

  33. Mbeti Hitt says:

    why can't you view this all on one page?

  34. I detect a great deal of "feelings being hurt" in this list. What Bill Cosby has done for the Black Community is tremendous. What Bill Cosby promoted was being responsible for your choices. He never denied the impact that institutional slavery and other such oppressive forces have had in creating and maintaining poverty for Blacks. Yet, each man and woman is responsible for his and her own actions. Many have risen above their conditions and didn't have to sell poison or dehumanize our women to do so.

  35. My dear sista, Bill Cosby has done more for the Black community than just about any other celebrity you can name. Black folks feelings were just hurt when he called it like it was. He's not denying any impact of institutional racism or other forces that contribute to Black poverty. Yet, each individual is responsible for his/her own actions, REGARDLESS of your socio-economic conditions.

  36. Naa Ayele Kumari says:

    I agree. He has donated more money to Black institutions than anyone else. He is an elder.. Had his only son gunned downed and killed… and is at a place where he just speaks his mind.

  37. Greetings. I'm not sure what being liberal has to do with this though. I caution against making this a political matter. The list may indeed be ill-conceived and I echo you in regard to personal responsibility. Perhaps one may not deem this constructive criticism.

  38. Ken Rhodes says:

    Yeah but seems very hypocritical when speaking about blacks and their diction when he made so much money using that very thing on the Fat Albert cartoon.

  39. Gregy Styles says:

    I loved the malcome speech, but everything else was kind of dumb.

  40. Teddi De Leo says:

    When will we all learn to treat each other as fellow human beings.

  41. Dawne Daye says:

    @ Levon, seems like you may want to research willie lynch syndrome. BTW, Brother Malcolm's only changed his mind about white people.

  42. Dawne Daye says:

    Theatrical productions of Uncle Tom's Cabin played throughout the nadir (post Civil War and Reconstruction); but since the novel's indictment of slavery was no longer congenial to an increasingly white society, rewrites changed Uncle Tom from a martyr who gave his life to protect the people into a sentimental dope who was loyal to kindly masters. In the black community, Uncle Tom eventually came to mean an African American who sells out his people's interests and still does today. In my opinion the phrase "uncle tom" should not be used today by black people because it degrades the status of a man who wasn't in fact a sell out but a hero who's name should be used with reverence not disgrace.

  43. Jus Scott says:

    You certainly don't know Malcolm then. He still believed that some black leaders were "Toms". Don't look at the movie to learn the history, read it!

  44. Ronald Tyler says:


  45. Josh Barrett says:

    Does it matter? when used in this way, "uncle tom" is more of a symbol then a direct reference to a book character. The fact of the matter remains when you say "uncle tom" the thoughts that are provoked is one that does match the description. The properties of something are more important then the name or what said thing is called or referred to by

  46. You know what they say about hiding information from blacks…

  47. AC Charleston says:

    It is unfortunate that we have so much self-hate and blindness as a people. We have so many people of African descent that will suffer at the hands of western culture if it means one upping or staying in the good graces of Europeans.

  48. Ray Rodgers says:

    I guess you never read the book Uncle Tom's Cabin

  49. Ray Rodgers says:

    I guess you never read the book Uncle Tom's Cabin

  50. Ray Rodgers says:

    I guess you never read the book Uncle Tom's Cabin

  51. We're the only race that have the crabs in a bucket syndrome. You will find something wrong with anyone who has risen above you. We keep eachother enslaved we dont need anyone else too because we don't know what it really means to be free.

  52. Bill Cosby should not be on this list

  53. Robb Webster says:

    Dr. Cosby shouldn't be on this list. The only reason someone put him on is because of the state of modern black people today & the ignorance that thet project.

  54. Eugene Thomas says:

    Be specific on what changed in X's beliefs that directly relates to the subject plz

  55. Sonya Mills-Cooke says:

    I agree…..just because you preach personal responsibility doesn't mean that there are not race issues still alive and being practiced

  56. Mnyama Nkosi Afrika says:

    So much crying about the term Uncle Tom, would HOUSE N***a be more suitable for you because that's what they are and I could care less about uncle tom being pinned in a novel, we here in my neck of the woods associate it with any person of Afrikan descent who loves or caters to the white race more than the black race. Now intellectualize that…SO CALLED BROTHER!

  57. Brittany and others I want to let you all know I get very defensive when black folks accuse Bill Cosby of being a "Uncle Tom". You see me being of an older age (63) and was raised very revolutionary during the 60's and 70's we of that era thought very highly of Mr. Cosby as he was called in the background of Hollywood and black celebrity. The "Cos" really was a "Uncle Tom" because Uncle Tom was actually a hero in the story of lore and in true as he saved many black slaves from harm by playing a role of shuffling in front of the vicious white slavers. The character was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe as a person who sacrificed himself for his people to be free and spared from brutality. You see along the way as his real personal story went things and facts got turned around and people said don't act like a Uncle Tom but what they meant was don't actually be the person in real life that Uncle Tom portrayed to fool the bad white people but rather be the real hero instead Uncle Tom actually was in helping others. Now Bill Cosby plays a character in movies and TV but he is so rich and was the first black man on TV that many other black performers came to him to save their careers, productions etc.. with his influence and if need be with his money. Cosby has earned the respect of all the old heads in Hollywood because he helped black people with his money including those jailed in civil rights marches. He spent his money quietly to affect much changes whereas no one came forth like he did. Cos has paid his dues with his pocketbook and his "whiskers" of experiences in black movies and TV shows. He has broken many doors open for black performers on his shows and those he influenced. He has the right to be opinionated with his knowledge and he is educated with Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees along with his wife. Quiet kept. Cosby is a revolutionary himself but he does it in a very quiet honorable manner! He is a behind the scene or stage benefactor of many people's efforts. In that sense he is like the real Uncle Tom.

  58. bill cosby no but al sharpton and jesse should be on that list

  59. bill cosby no because he has been telling black people for years we have to change the only thing with him white people liked him alot he has never done anything to make black people look bad i can say that about the man.

  60. how did he get on the list

  61. I know this is a bad list

  62. Beverly Turner says:

    what is the hue of one's skin have to do with any of it?

  63. Araminta Ross says:

    I'm so sick of black people saying "malcolm x changed when he went to mecca." as if malcolm stopped campaigning against white supremacy and wanted to be friends with them. it's just an excuse for us to continue to do nothing.

  64. Araminta Ross says:

    white people have proven themselves to be smarter than us. we are not a revolutionary race. they are conquerors. all we've ever done is pledge "greek" to get in the house and shuck jive and coon. and this website is still talking about fukcing jesus! white people made up jesus. I'm so sick of blacks.

  65. Heru Salmon says:

    They are all uncle toms. They did nothing for black society.

  66. Elijah Spencer says:

    Malcolm x said in his own words he would pratice brother hood with anyone who praticed it with him, but as long as the situation persist he would still be called Malcolm X, and when he came back from mecca in his own words he said The reporters heard he changed, he said The reporters had a lot of nerve because america has not changed , & the problems that caused the conditins have not changed so how do you expect him to change, listen to Malcolm x prospects for freedom 1965 january 7 1965 on youtube , I hate when people mis quote brother Malcolm X

  67. Elijah Spencer says:

    Nicole Graphixspot Waddington Listen to Malcolm on youtube "Prospects for freedom 1965" malcolm x said himself he didnt change because the situation that inflicted his people change, he would pratice brother with anyone that praticed it with him.

  68. Taharqa Piye says:

    uncle tom passive or not was and could be called by todays terms a "sell out", sambo and gimbo are just what they are and called today "sambo" whom brought harm to other blacks at the call of master.

  69. Taharqa Piye says:

    uncle tom passive or not was and could be called by todays terms a "sell out", sambo and gimbo are just what they are and called today "sambo" whom brought harm to other blacks at the call of master.

  70. Taharqa Piye says:

    bill the sell out cosby is guilty as charged, his comments on a forum in the ear shot of whites who will take those comments and use them as a "i told you so comment" is harmful to the black community which makes bill cosby a "sell out" and a sambo" but not a uncle tom.

  71. Oh I see this comment you made is in response to the website atlantablackstar – was wondering about it. But agree that the terms are less important than our people who do not affirm and like their own

  72. So dumb – so stupid – so tired – when will we stop this divisive crap!

  73. Desiree Layne Love says:

    @Osiris Tucker How about Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier. For starters.

  74. Reu Mackspecial says:

    Black people will always hate Black people…this is why we will never get ahead as a people…..#thanksforreading.

  75. Sarah Windham says:

    Levon DeMarquis Valle Thank you for pointing this out! I recently downloaded a copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin (haven't read it yet) because I wanted to know the story behind the stereotype. I was especially surprised after reading a synopsis of the book, explaining that Uncle Tom got the s**t beat out of him because he refused, REFUSED to beat a fellow slave! And then was later beat TO DEATH because he refused to disclose the location of two slave women. Now, if laying down your very life for your brother and/or sister is being today's version of "Uncle Tom", what the heck do we have to do …Or did people just concentrate on his desire to "forgive" those white folks that were so vicious to him (now, I might have problem with THAT…)

  76. Eric Charles says:

    this article is utterly insane and the reason why blacks will be at the bottom of the totem pole for years to come.

  77. Sarah Windham says:

    Thank you for that link to "Ten Myths…About Black History". I never even heard of the house-negro-AGAINST-field-negro thing until I was an employed adult. I was taught in grade school that there was NO rift between the two groups, but that in fact, the slaves in the house used their proximity and simultaneous invisibility to "massa" to get information and take back to the slaves in the field. For instance, the slaves on the inside would tell the slaves in the field when the owners were gone, allowing them to escape undetected. This version of the hn/fn story stayed with me so strongly that I carried it years later into corporate employment, vowing to reach back and get more black people hired, or go back and teach what I learned. All of this, before I finally decided to stop trying to break somebody's glass ceiling and become an entrepreneur. Never could get with the hn/fn thing…it has become yet one more a huge smoke screen to keep us further divided and concentrating on internal hate.

  78. N.a. Ray says:

    it sadden me that an African American media form such as this has nothing better to do then to judge individuals for there own person opinions, with all the other media bashing black fokes, it's a shame that we do it to ourselves, just like all other things that blacks own and operate this to shall fall by the waist side or sold to the highest bidder. do a better job, up-lift, get the positive out in front there's no time to waist on BS like this, stop mimicking white media for shock value cause this has none. ABF you suck with this a real dis-service to the black community with you waste of ink.

  79. Gerald Bowman says:

    You are not entirely accurate. Read some slave narratives. Malcolm X made a perfectly legitimate analogy in this speech. Though the dichotomy of house slaves versus field slaves is perhaps oversimplified in contemporary discussion there was a notable difference. House slaves were provided better food and housing than field slaves. They were in a status position especially when you consider that some of them had a higher standard of living (quality of food, housing, work conditions) than many of their poor white contemporaries. And they had a different relationship to the white owners. Often house slaves were even blood relatives of the owners. Of course a slave is a slave. It is a abhorrent status for a a human being.

  80. Gerald Bowman says:

    You are missing the point. Uncle Tom has come to represent the loyal, dutiful servant of the white master. The actual plot of the book is irrelevant to the point. And it was a lousy read.

  81. Gerald Bowman says:

    Russell Simmons is not an Uncle Tom – stupid Harriett Tubman video aside. Neither is Bill Cosby or Don Lemon. Everybody is entitled to an opinion and sometimes the truth hurts. But so many performers are left off of the list. Where is Snoop Lion Dogg, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and the other media clowns who both perpetuate and even celebrate derogatory stereotypes about our race?

  82. Linda Harris Jackson says:

    Even though the blacks worked in the house , and was abused to a certain degree, they still held their heads up higher and thought themselves better than the blacks who worked on the outside. And they stood as watch out and tell-tail to the white masters against other blacks. And for this they were known as uncle toms. You may have a different meaning, but this is the one most of us blacks use. To each their own.

  83. Rita Floto says:

    Love, Love , Love Bill Cosby but me thinks Don Cheadle would be good for it

  84. I'm sorry to upset so many folks but Bill Cosby hates black folks. If they don't speak perfect English or have a degree from Spelman College he has no time for you. Uncle Toms cabin has nothing to do with this article . That was a character in a book this is real life hatred for people of there own race.

  85. Salma Seti says:

    I'm sorry to upset so many folks but Bill Cosby hates black folks. If they don't speak perfect English or have a degree from Spelman College he has no time for you. Uncle Toms cabin has nothing to do with this article . That was a character in a book this is real life hatred for people of there own race.

  86. Ressie Luck says:

    I know a few like that especially within my own family smh

  87. Goonie Goon Goonerson says:

    he is NOT a doctor, nor does he realize the damage he does when he tells white america how useless we've become collectively because of the "parentless" & "welfare dependent" households we all seem to hail from. he insist that our pants are too baggy, our music is too violent, and we don't talk white enough for america to care for us. fuck bill cosby.

  88. Goonie Goon Goonerson says:

    yes baby!

  89. Audrey Cumberbatch says:

    Dont forget Don Lemon is a confuse he/she, cant figure out what he is till now

  90. Mark Townsend how will they get it? Most Black people are anti-intellectual coons.

  91. Sarah Windham I read the book when I was 14 and since then admirred the historical Uncle Tom. Problem is most Blacks dont read, most Blacks are anti-intellectual and therefore have no clue what they are talking about.

  92. They can believe and say whatever they want. It doesn't make them an "Uncle Tom", rather it accentuates that African Americans like anyone else have many views and beliefs.

  93. Thomas Marra says:

    Bill Cosby's name being on there is hilarious. He never denied institutional racism, he just wanted people to be responsible for their own actions. And seeing people from today's generation complain about it? What Cosby experienced is probably 100 times worse in terms of racism being out in the open than it is today, but he didn't let that stop him from working hard and achieving his goals. We could all learn from Cosby, but instead you want to label him as someone that didn't help black people. Well he helped a lot more than you think, just by making it.

  94. Shauna Shouse says:

    I wont speak on everything or everybody but Mr. COSBY. How soon we forget. Mr. Cosby and his shows in the 80s and 90s jad profound effects onbour community. A Different World increased the number of kids going to collage but specifically historically black collages. This man has been an uplifter of the community and pushed to show the depth of who we are. While his comments were harsh and perhaps not a total picture analysis, Mr Cosby is one who has proven himself as a uplifter of the race.

  95. Forest Brown says:

    Malcolm would Criticize The Writers and Everyone that he Deemed Sellouts. Yes He would Call them Out!!

  96. Shaheed Shabazz says:

    Sometimes words have two meanings.

  97. Marcus Smith says:

    Audrey, you will get in trouble for saying that because they are taking over and to be straight is wrong in this country now, SMDH!!

  98. Caroline Alicia says:

    i LOVE yo, Levon Valle!!u (in a platonic way!!) I just commented on thins link from a FB group post, so I copy and pasted my comments here then I read yours. It ticks me off to know end the way people dirty the name of such a beautiful character…

    And as someone who has found out the white on BOTH sides of my family came from slave masters it fucking pisses me off people say "house negro' like it was a fucking privileged. Like they were living some high life.

  99. Caroline Alicia says:

    Gerald Bowman no you are missing the point. IUt's sad you are on a horse too high to EVER understand the sacrifice that Uncle Tom made to try to make the lives of his fellow slaves better. And the book was not terrible, maybe you should stick to NY Best Sellers or what ever crap books you read then

  100. Caroline Alicia says:

    James Edward White Jr Read a book, dope. Something you "Honoroble Elijah didn't do either obviously.

  101. This is pretty stupid. Bill Cosby, Don Lemon? I agree with Russell Simons who tried to float a play disgracing Harriet Tubman and constantly produces rappers who embarrass the black community with their "gangsta", "thug" behavior doesn't get a vote. SMH. This is clear evidence that some in the black community are way off base. Malcolm X would not have called Bill Cosby or Don Lemon uncle Toms for telling the truth about the black community in public and try to get the black community to get over it's social ills. Malcolm himself did this on several occasions. Stop courting pop culture and bad role models. Stop supporting the modern day menstral of thug like hip hop artists. Discipline children and take education seriously! As Malcolm once said "If you don't have an education, you are nothing". We are sacrificing our children on the alter of Lil' Wayne and other idiots who constantly embarrass us and are VERY well paid to do so. If you think the way young black kids dress have nothing to do with people's (including black people's perception of them you are a fool). I recently visited a majority black high school. Kids were cursing openly in the hall ways and in classes in front of adults with impunity. Yet the author goes after Blll Cosby? It is actually Uncle Tom behavior to getting black people to except stereotypical, repugnant culture,..criminal culture as black culture! Unfortunately this comedian has stepped up as very few so called "black leaders" have. Maybe because he is already a celebrity so he doesn't feel the need to kiss the ass of pop icons such as Russell Simons are others who's products are really actually hurting the black community.

  102. Aaron Kidd says:

    How did Obama not make the list? He should have been number 1

  103. Mel Hughlett says:

    Eugene Wilson You're uninformed and too young to know better..

  104. Levon,

    You're absolutely right. We've given Uncle Tom a bad name, so I say we change the name of Black turncoats from Uncle Tom, to Uncle Tavis.

  105. David, I'm generally opposed to all manner of group-think, but in our unique case, I do think that we should promote being Black as a way of life – but first we should reassess some of the popular cultural mores that we've taken on and redefine the Black mind-set as one that dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. After all, having to survive the adversity that we've been forced to deal with has made us MORE, not less. So I think we should promote that mind-set with our children. I promoted that philosophy with my son and daughter, and today, they are much better, and smarter, than either me, or my late wife, because they BECAME what we told them that they were.

  106. I suspect the author of this article was using a term that is familiar and brief to merely get his idea across. You all obviously understood what he meant…Some ppl get too technical If you want to share some additional info. or origin of the character then just do that!! Damn!

  107. Teese Powell says:

    Elijah Spencer I hate it when people misquote Brother Malcolm, so why are you doing it. He never said he would have unity with whites. In fact he said "There can be no black/white unity, until there is first black unity.

  108. No, what Bill Cosby says is to take personal responsibility because there is power in personal responsibility. He says be educated because there is power in education. He says take pride in your value, because there is value in that. And he says to not live within the limits of your environment or current social constructs because when you do, you are doomed to not rise above it. I am so very tired of blacks condemning other blacks for being rightfully critical. And frankly, people who work so hard to hold on to the negative behavior out of some disjointed sense of pride are holding us all back. He is not asking us to conform to white america, he is asking us to live up to the potential that we as a people have. Walking around with your underwear showing is NOT cultural expression – unless your culture is prison! And I'm guessing Malcolm would be down with "DR." Cosby. (By the way, you don't have to be an MD to have the title "Dr.").

  109. John Lindsay says:

    I would be more satisfied with a list of people with "long-term or multiple instances of ignorance or tomming."
    Cosby, West, and Thomas would certainly be on it.

    I think the others are a little mis-guided…and don't have malice in their hearts towards us.
    While Underwood is a comedienne, I think she should have known better than to utter what she did in "mixed" company or to a national audience.

  110. The collective "we" is so busy drowning while trying to pull the next crab down that we we never be "free." Bill Cosby is RIGHT ON. Can his words be harsh?…YEP…. Call it tough love. Sometimes reality is harsh, but until we become progressive as a community, we will still be here…..incorrectly labeling others as "Uncle Tom,"….waiting for reparations, remaining uneducated and angry…..picking cotton…complaining…and not doing anything to promote OUR community……cultural enslavement

  111. THIS GAME of semantics that black people play is retarded. "WE" should understand the overall point, which is you have those among us who will sell out the group because they are given favor by whites. What, are you going to act like individuals like that don't exist in the black community? I don't care WHAT you want to call them. We know who they are, what they are, and what they signify. Damn a label Levon.

    Furthermore, Malcolm X would NOT disapprove – you seem to get it confused with what he changed his mind about. He was lied to by Elijah Mohammad when he was told that ISLAM was the black man's religion it was not! I don't know what planet some black folks are living on – MULTICULTURALISM, please SHOW us, direct us to all these multicultural businesses where blacks, koreans, arabs, and indians are going into business together.

    Most blacks work FOR whites, not WITH WHITES.

    I'm finished with black folks because most are simply too stupid to see things as they are. They rely entirely too much on HOPE and WISHFUL THINKING.

  112. this has got to be one of the silliest articles every written. bill cosby? because he says pull up those pants, learn and speak correct English, take pride in yourself there is something wrong with him? anyone who is black and republican is a traitor? who ever wrote this garbage needs an education. because the way they think means Frederick Douglas, Mary McLeod Bethune, Madame C J Walker, Washington Carver, just to name four, would be considered race traitors. stupid or ignorant…… which are you?

  113. There are many ways to success, each does it differently. Please let them exile as long as they don't hurt and damage any. Changing looks is not only by the blacks but by most of the artists, black or white.

  114. I don't think the wanted to school us on who he was. Most people still look at Uncle Tom as a yes sir boss sir man.

  115. Nikki Lanier says:

    What about Obama ain't he a uncle tom too?

  116. Nikki Lanier says:

    It didn't matter if they were house slave field slave sex slaves its all the same they all got beat a raped a tortoured

  117. Nikki Lanier says:

    Hell we still are slaves

  118. Rick Ellis says:

    i knew clarence tmas was a sell out a long time ago and how he was pick to replace thurgood marshall i will never know if i had my way he would resign and the president
    would pick a real judge to replace him someone who is not afraid to stick it to the man

  119. Your victim mentality and "gimme gimme" attitude is what makes your entire rag a disgrace! So, when Black people believe that you should be able to stand on your own two feet and not let negative forces get you down; when they disagree with the status quo of the Democrat Slave Mentality; when they want to see us do better but on our own terms; you call them Uncle Toms?

    First: You should actually READ the book Uncle Tom's Cabin before you open your ignorant mouth;

    Second: You are a nothing publication that no one actually cares about for a reason!

    Third: You are the "Uncle Toms" according to YOUR definition because of this stupid article! Peep that!

  120. all of you repeating what the racist MEDIA puts out about uncle toms, i'm guessing you know all these people on the list personally and have given millions of dollars to causes.

  121. THank you, Levon, I was coming to post that, but you said it all!

  122. The irony: the real Uncle Toms are the ones most often celebrated but greatly embarrass the race: the rappers and athletes and "reality stars" (oxymoron) who are caricatures. But yet no one complains until a Black man is a conservative and , right or wrong, doesn't agree with the Black President. This article is pretty offensive.


  124. Marcus Smith My God…that's exactly what white folks say about black folks and Hispanics,. and here you are dishing it out!

  125. Sabrina, We got it…but how many people would know what we're talking about if we called someone an "Uncle Sambo"? Just let it go for the sake of the conversation. We apologize for our ignorance!

  126. You know the real uncle tom helped slaves be freed and poor sick blacks.

  127. Britt Wagner says:

    You know I have a problem with African Americans who has been able to sit at the so called table of success not knowing that they are only there because the master allow them to sit there. What I don't understand is why are we always wrong? Why do we always have to be picked out of the crowd and we are wrong? But the real questions is, aren't we Americans too? We have a tendency to act as though African Americans has to act like others, talk like others, be like others! But what kills me is that they are trying to be like us. I wonder why this so called representative of the black community think that we are always wrong? Why is it wrong when we are own individual? Brother and Sisters "WAKE UP"!!!

  128. Please tell us why Bill Cosby is an Uncle Tom?..Did you know that Bill Cosby has spent more than 10 million Dollars of his own money,keeping historicaly black colleges open?..Black scholarships?..he has open doors for many blacks in the entertainment industry?..Why are you mad?.because he put black folks on blast?..Stupid black women being whores with high H.I.V rates?..out of wedlock births by multiple men?…Black men walking around looking like clowns with thier pants sagging and killing each other?..AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL BROTHER BILL AN UNCLE TOM? need to go and pick up a book and stop thinking like a typical Nigga..

  129. Bill Cosby is an uncle tom because he said in public what every white person with common sense already knows and think about our Bill is right..Black women being whores ,having babies out of wedlock by multiple men.Loud and disgusting acting in public,High H.I.V rates.highest abortion rate out of any other race in the country.Black men ,looking like freaking clowns,walking with thier pants sagging and underwear exposed.killing each other and fighting anytime someone looks at them wrong..Making babies with all these ratchet TWEERKING black whores and then leaving these women alone to take care of these little Nigga's that just grow up to be a menace to society.AND BILL COSBY IS AN UNCLE TOM? man has givin millions of dollars away just to try and better his own people..What have some of you silly so called negros done to help???????

  130. Bill Cosby should not be on here.

  131. One…I know that profile photo you have is not real..second I am sure you dont know who Uncle Tom was anyway..and three,most people I see have ignored you because its obvious you are not who you are pretending to be.I beleive you may even be white posing as someone mixed..anyway,I can also tell that you have very little education and are probably not even employed and over weight..Thats enogh for now,I have to get back to work retard..

  132. My biggest issue with some of the people mentioned on the list is how easily they air our dirty laundry in public. As African people we know the problems facing our community and the racist history that led to some of the problems. I think all the detrimental issues effecting our community should be discussed and resolved behind closed doors. The one person on this list I would not defend is Clarence Thomas. To help bring about the destruction of the Voting Rights Act and be on record gushing at the opportunity to destroy affirmative action is indefensible. I truly believe the man hate everything African including himself.

  133. "We" as people of color are not the sole reason that "we" will "never" get ahead. I hate when people say something so ill-informed.

  134. the biggest threat to a black man is a nother black man I am NOT sticking up for no cops but they are not killing us at the rate that we are killing ourselves. in that context who's the bigger Uncle Tom?

  135. I don't use the word "N_gger" under any circumstance toward other black people but some of the folks on this list make it difficult not to.

  136. Tracy Brown says:

    Heres the problem with Bill Cosby the critiscm he has on blacks is credible bt he does it in the White Media, not cool! If you have a problem with your wife you deal with her not the White Media! Simple

  137. Debra Smith says:

    I just wish that folks would do their research, pick up a book and read before they decide to write these dump articles. Yes, some should certainly take a moment before they open their mouth; the same way
    You should before you put pen to paper! As a side note, Mr. Cosby has help to finance several of Spike's movies. I'm pretty sure he contributed funds to help finance Malcolm X. Really was there a point to this article?

  138. What in the world is Sheryl Underwood's problem?

  139. It's funny how most of those cited as being classic Uncle Toms seem to support the Republicans. Actually, it's not funny at all. It's sad…

  140. Divide and Rule ….it seems all we black people can do is tear each other down to justify points..mental slavery is a real bad disease..which many of us seem to have inherit

  141. Allen West is nothing more than a father, husband, Islamaphobe and FORMER Congressman.

    Prayerfully, no one will ever have to suffer with him misrepresenting them in public office EVER AGAIN!!

  142. Jeff Shaw says:

    What! How did Michael Steele not make this list?!!

  143. Sadly i would have to agree. Should the way we dress affect the type if treatment we receive? No !!! Fact is it does. We are considered thugs a street villans looking for some one to kill. After all take a look at the black criminal dress code. I am a black man living in times where the abnormal behavior is rewarded. We cant change our blackness. So why noy nit chanfe your close. Since we belive that the way onw dresses does not project an image how would we feel when president Obama addresses tge nation sagging. And Mrs Obama low cut tight pants and a teamp stamp. ????

  144. Bill Cosby WTFH Why is he on this list, are you kidding me the person who wrote this article should be on this list!!!

  145. Amen Levon! I get so SICK of "house/field negro" and Uncle Tom this and that!

  146. El Hajj Malik El Shabazz(Malcolm) was very much against the treatment that whites had against Negroids after his pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. he just had a different perspective about the Caucasus Muslims he encountered there. don't be fooled. and he would be very critical against these people on the list. Malcolm loved and stood up for his people "By any means necessary"!!!

  147. BTW, instead of trying to sound all heavy…Teach your family the difference between Uncle Tom and 'Sambo'!!! #EACHONETEACHANOTHER

  148. I agree that Cosby helped his people in other ways financially. and gave a strong sense of worth on his shows. but everyone else deserve to put on blast!!! #STOPBEINGHUMANCATTLE

  149. Apparently, who ever wrote this article didnt have the courage to put his name on it.. No matter.. Clearly he/she is too stupid to even realize that if you read the story Uncle Tom's Cabin, you'd realize that Rev Josiah Henson [uncle tom], the person the book was written after would realize that he Rev Henson was a hero..

    I have determined that liberals are idiots by choice..

  150. People are responsible for their own actions to a degree, but there are many things that can influence the character.

    People assimilate to their groups, so an actor or politician, may well forget their struggle with class or race, and instead put their success down to personal ability. Some may even keep quiet about such issues, in the hope that their assimilation can influence the situation of others, and give them hope.

    Meritocracy is often used in arguments about class in the UK.

    I think in America You have two struggles, race and class. Many people who have escaped poverty and financial oppression, soon forget what the struggle was about. They believe or are told, that it is their abilities and hard work, that have enabled them to achieve wealth, ignoring the fact that all they have done, is move from the oppressed class to the oppressor class.

    The history of the world is one of oppression, brutality, and poverty, for the majority. The oppressors have used race, religion, gender, class, as reasoning for their discriminatory exploitation of the masses, and so the struggle for equality is one that many of us share for different reasons, but it is a struggle that belongs to the majority of Humanity.

    Truth is by nature self evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear.


    Where globalization means, as it so often does, that the rich and powerful now have new means to further enrich and empower themselves at the cost of the poorer and weaker, we have a responsibility to protest in the name of universal freedom.


    Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.

    king jr

  151. Reagan-era wh*re, Bill Cosby, *should* be on the list. He pimped conservatism with every phony episode. Not one issue of concern to African Americans was ever pondered in Cosby's fantasy world: Bill Cosby was and is a complete sell-out.

  152. Sooo right Levon Sambo was the one to watch. I guess they didn't READ The Book!!

  153. Why aren't drug dealers and others that terrorize and rob our neighborhoods called names. I see nothing any of these people have done to be considered enemies of our community. The problem with our communityis that we think it's worse to be called out on our negative acts than the acts themselves.

  154. I know some of my people will get upset for me saying this but here goes: Racism and racial profiling greatly exists in this country and in the world at large, YES it does, however, even greater is some of the ignorant, disrespectful, despicable, incorrigible, bombastic, fake-gangster behavior seen the African American community. We are our own worst enemy. NO, I do not agree with all of the above's statement, but some do have the ring of truth. And as long as many of us continue to be closed – minded to the truth, the longer we will remain (figuratively) chained.

  155. Damn, I thought Sheryl was Wesley Snipes from Too Wong Foo, until I saw her name.

  156. Definitely Stacy Dash. She is Uncle, Auntie, Cousin, Nephew, and Niece Tom.

  157. Fact. All of these social programs that minorities have were supported by or developed by Republicans. So does that mean that all those who use these programs are they not" uncle toms".

  158. Bill Cosby is sell out for telling people to pull up their pants, stop drinking and get an education? Who wrote this ignorant sh#t? He was NOT born rich and knows what it is to struggle AND you read ALL THE TIME about people complaining that celebrities don't put their feet down against ignorance but when he does it without saying Nah Mean or talking about swag he's a sell out? GET THE F### OUT OF HERE!

  159. I no likey this article. The biggest Uncle Toms I see are the Rick Rosses, Niki Minajes, Lil Waynes the Beyonces and the Nellys of the world. At least the others on the list give young black people a creditable image to aspire to and not a one way ticket to Sluts, Hoodlums and Prisonville. As black people we won't always agree but the BIGGEST image problem we have with "Uncle Toms" is in the entertainment industry, because people around the world see that and think black people are really like that.

  160. Howard Brown says:

    Education versus conditioning are at play in forming or deforming the positive mentality of African people ss in this case. We may need to look deeper to solve the lingering problem of enslavement as it is still controlling some of our people religiously

  161. BeBe Linda says:

    Don Lemon, Bill Cosby-Definitely Not. They have done so much in the African American Community.

    Sheryl Underwood and Stacy Dash-They are both idiots. Sheryl "esteem" issues.

    Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, and Condoleeza Rice–Definitely yes.

  162. Tony Temple says:

    I get it, if a black think for themselves, he's an uncle Tom.

  163. Thomas Burt says:

    How could you compare Bill Cosby to Russel Simmons? Bill Cosby, one of the few African-Americans who willfully gave millions of dollars to HBCU's, scholarships to our students, created a popular, long running tv programs depicting our people in a postive light. Your insinuation that he blames African people for their problems, and not institutional racism is an unfair exaggeration, as he has never stated that. The man simply stated that some of our problems can me resolved and/or ameliorated by us. The Honorable Marcus Garvey, and Elijah Muhammad said the same thing.

  164. All new additions to the "coon train"

  165. Vido Trossi says:

    This list is just about right

  166. don lemon is also an islamaphobe while not giving any criticisms of christian history or many christian nations' imperialist ways in the world. his arguments are one sided

  167. Just like the word Nigga changed over the years… So has Uncle Tom… And today… When referring to certain blacks… We know what it means…

  168. what about the liberals… what's wrong with getting rid of affirmative actions? most people need to be on the list… but the article is racist and written by an uncle tom who doesn't really know about malcolm.

  169. uncle tom refers to male, how about a referral for females lol. how about aunty Stetsons.

  170. I think the correct term is "Sambo".

    As for who Malcolm became after Mecca, he realized there are still " Samboes" running around here. Regardless of dress, speech or status, we got "some house niggers running around here" as Malcolm said.

  171. Bundy Laney says:

    Until Blackfolks understand the concept of rewarding your friends and punishing your enemies, we will continue to see an escalation of uncle toms, coons, sellouts and Mamie sues among this generation and the next.

    South Africans understood confronted their sellout problems with tires.

    If history have taught us anything, it should have taught us that you cannot govern the behavior of these types of individuals with just love. They must also fear you either politically, physically, socially or mentally.

  172. Stacey Dash is a celebrity?!?

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